Wednesday, August 11, 2021



Dear All of Us,

Hope all goes well

where you are.

Things here in DC 

are a bit uncertain, but

one certainty is that it's 

 Monday Morning Live

time to "Get Go" 

with starting to write

this week's blog posting.


       "Get Go Good"   

let's take a cue from Jesus.

He regularly used everyday, 

down to earth examples

to show things of high heaven -

the lilies of the field, sheep,

a mustard seed, a lost coin,

yeast, pruning, soil.

Following his lead,

let's check out 

the discovery of

 John Augustus 


What he found,

when applied,

can mean/make 

a wonderful difference 

in our spiritual lives.

Roebling revolutionized 

suspension bridges.

Instead of using thick,

heavy, iron chains

with a limited stretch, 

he perfected binding 

lots of long, slender 

little wires into cables 

with vastly greater 

strength and stretch. 




 - even as far as the

   one mile span 

   across San Francisco's

   Golden Gate -

For most of us 

most of the time,

our spiritual lives are

wraps of many

seemingly simple 

little strands of grace

God to us - us to God

        Yet they 

blend, bundle and bind 

into a strong stretch 

        of soul,

bridging a divine union 



- tipping generously,

  even extravagantly,

  largess like God's

- being absorbed in God's 

  skyscape at sunset.

- faithfully calling a friend

  who never calls us

- taking ten and 

  soaking in scripture 

- thanking the bus driver

- not getting on our high horse 

  when when we've been 

  on hold for thirty two minutes,

  forty three and a half seconds

- doing our best at work 

  to suffer a fool as gladly 

  as we possibly can

- patiently listening as 

  a lonely senior adult 

  tells us ten times more 

  than we want to know

  about their career

- drinking a less expensive wine

  than our preferred vintage 

  and putting the difference in 

  our (grand)child's 

  529 College Fund

- doing a real buy in with

  the members of 

  our spiritual community -

  actual, personal, practical,

  immediate and caring

- faithfully giving prime time

  and preference to 

  prayer and reflection

- in our heart of hearts actually

  embracing with love and prayer

  public figures who score

  a minus 10,000 favorability rating

  in our personal preference polling

- not fussing if our spouse

  wants striped black and yellow 

  bed sheets with orange pillow cases

  ( Hey, these are stressful times.

    We've got to lighten up all we can!!)

- doing what we can locally for 

  environmental care and concerns

- suffering slights graciously

- fasting from negative,

  derogatory talk

- getting excited 

  as we watch children at play, 

  as we read a good novel,

  as we enjoy farm fresh 

  corn on the cob.

All such little strands 

and stretches of good

wrap and weave into 

a cable of soul connection

with the divine.

  little things yes 




Thanks for your 

good company.

   John Frank


   Whoever, However,

    Wherever You Are



     "frankly speaking

 spirituality for the street



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While visiting 

Jean and George Wolf at

The Inn of the Spirit

years ago I happened 

on the small wire cable 

suspension bridge

that Roebling designed

and built back in 1845.

It spans the Delaware River

between Minisink Ford, Pa

and Lackawaxen, NY

It is still in use.

It served as a prototype

for his design of 

The Brooklyn Bridge.

One good doesn't stop at one.

Jean and George Wolf

lived Jesus, simply, 

practically, quite really.

After years of service 

overseas with Catholic Relief, 

they brought their family 

to remote Yulan, NY 

and moved into 

an old, rundown inn 

in the once popular

Borscht Belt.

They renovated as best 

they could and opened 

a lay retreat center.

I used to take students there

for weekend retreats.

It was a grace to become 

friends with Jean and George.

They are right at the top 

of the list of 

    Convincing Christians

in my life.

And here fifty years later

the example used in this blog

comes because of them

and is going to many

in many places.

One good doesn't stop at one.

Hey, this blog turned out to be 

a Double "Hearter"

Speaking of "heart"

from mine to yours

Ollie at three months

Talk about grace!!



           Here's to living those little 

               "strands of grace"

             They wind/bind well!!






We receive.

We give.