Wednesday, August 25, 2021


Dear All of Us,

What the heck was with 

that Mr. Murphy?

Whatever possessed him 

to make it law that 

"Anything that can go wrong

 will go wrong"? 

For too many, for too long,

it seems Mr. Murphy

was right about wrong.

And they're doggone ticked

about so much wrong 

for so long

They feel trapped.

They're bone tired and 

soul weary of

     "pan" everything:

- the viral one and our lack

  of oneness in getting 

  at it and free of it

- major league governments

  hopelessly mismanaged by

  hapless little league coaches

- a climate about to fry us

  out of existence

- religious leaders 

  without much soul -

  a blessed exception 

  being Papa Francesco 

- often fouled up efforts 

  to make right 

  all sorts of social  

  and environmental wrongs.


"What's a mother to do?"

 and everyone else

 as (not so) well.

This morning an email 

came from,

let's make it Jack.

He is a treasured friend.

He has depth and breath 

of mind and soul.

Jacks' cared some years now 

for a disabled family member -

generously sacrificing self.

And he's really heavy laden 

these days and nights 

with "pan" everything.

In fact, he's more than 

a bit had!!

And he's sure not alone!

Like Jack, we want it like it was, 

but of course wasn't.

Like Jack we don't like it

as it is, but of course 

it is as it is.

Like Jack we are 

worn and weary, 

but of course there's 

no pep pills in easy reach.

Like Jack we are

pretty darn worried 

about what's in the works

and fearful it 

won't work out well.

This blog is not at all

an attempted at 

some sort of spiritual 

"Ask Eloise" column

with its sure fire fixes.

But this an effort to spiritually 

clarify and encourage,

and that speaking frankly.

So, here are a few tries

at that given the swarm of 



We're active participants 

in creation and all its 

progressive goodness.

Yet there is sand in the gears.

The Judeo Christian 

sense of that is right there 

in the get go book of Genesis, 

and of our "genesis" with its

early on screw up - to wit, 

the first family of the day-

Adam, Eve, their murdered 

and murderer sons.

The story doesn't solve things,

doesn't eliminate 

the sand in the gears. 

But at least it pegs the problem  

with a painfully clear metaphor.

A Group Downer early on.

"Apples, apples, we all fall down!"


No avoidance maneuvers.

No faux "Nice Nice" coating

of a bitter pill.

Things stink,

say so and make

some noise about it.

It's called Lamentations.

The ancient Jews turned to

that chapter of the prayer book

with great regularity, 

crying out loud and clear 

to Yahweh.

Jew Jesus in the 

Garden of Gethsemane:

"This sorrow is crushing 

 the life out of me...

 My Father, if there is any way, 

 get me out of this. 

 But please, not what I want. 

 You, what do you want?"

 Jew Jesus on the cross:

"My God, my God, 

 why have you abandoned me?"

 Pain pleas specific,

 loud and clear.

      Matthew 26:39

         Matthew 27:46

      The Message 




One of the seminaries 

I attended was a 

magnificent structure 

in a marvelous setting.

The accommodations 

were superlative - 

meals to write home about

and linen settings to boot.

Top drawer and name theologians.


the hate and meanness level

in the place was a 9.9 

on a rickety scale of

missed Christian actuality.

Rather than go mad, 

a few of us planned 

and pulled pranks 

on the faculty 

and the leading 

hot shot seminarians

 (and we never 

  got caught

  but once).

We also broke the rules 

and after The Grand Silence 

set in we set out for nightly, 

clandestine sessions

complete with blacked out 

windows and transept.

Sipping cokes, we spent

an hour mocking

the living hell out of 

the madness and 

meanness of the day,

muffling our laughs 

so as not to get caught 

and thrown out. 

We ended in prayer

for us and for all, prayer

for healing and strength.

So, frequently get with 

some soul friends,

switch out the cokes 

for a good wine 

and have to!!

Tough times are telling us,

despite the advertising,

there's no such thing as 

an "ouchless band aid,"

and despite our longing,

there's no such thing as

a pain free life.

This was recently underscored 

for me with the arrival of

Ollie The Younger. 

Or daughter and  

son-in-law went through 

great pain to birth

a beautify life.


     Such is life.

      With you       

       in pain 


        in joy.

     John Frank



  The Bishop caught wind 

   of the madness and 

   the meanness at that

   posh, hell hole seminary.

   He transferred our 

   little survival group 

   to other seminaries. 

   I was priviledged 

   to be placed at

   Catholic University

   in Washington, DC.-

   a great place to be.



  Please consider time and spirit

  with the scriptures that follow.

  They tell it like it is 

  and as it will be.

  "See" what The Spirit "Says"

   to your deep down and 

   to your right now.

   Take some notes and share 

   with Soul Friends

   over a glass or two

   of inspirited fruit of the vine.



"God keeps an eye 

 on his friends,

 his ears pick up 

 every moan and groan...

 Is anyone crying for help?

 God is listening, 

 ready to rescue you.

 If your heart is broken, 

 you'll find God right there;

 if you're kicked in the gut,

 he'll help you 

 catch your breath.

 Disciples so often 

 get into trouble; still, 

 God is there every time."

    Psalm 34: 15-19

     The Message


"Or do you not know that 

 all of us who have been 

 baptized into Christ Jesus 

 have been baptized 

 into His death?

 Therefore we have been 

 buried with Him through 

 baptism into death, 

 so that as Christ was 

 raised from the dead 

 through the glory 

 of the Father, 

 so we too might walk 

 in newness of life.

 For if we have been 

 united with Him 

 in the likeness 

 of His death,

 certainly we shall

 also be in the likeness 

 of His resurrection."

    Romans 6:3-5

"When a woman gives birth, 

 she has a hard time of it, 

 there's no getting around it.

 But when the baby is born, 

 there is joy in the birth.

 This new life in the world 

 wipes out memory of the pain. 

 The sadness you have 

 right now is similar 

 to that pain, 

 but the coming joy 

 is also similar.

 When I see you again, 

 you'll be full of joy,

 and it will be a joy 

 no one can rob from you.

 you'll no longer be 

 so full of questions."  


 John 16:21-23 

   The Message


"That's why I don't think

 there's any comparison

 between the present 

 hard times and the 

 coming good times.

 The created world itself 

 can hardly wait for 

 what's coming next. 

 Everything in creation 

 is being more or less 

 held back. 

 God reins it in until 

 both creation and all 

 creatures are ready 

 and can be released 

 at the same moment into

 the glorious times ahead. 

 Meanwhile the joyous 

 anticipation deepens. 

 All around we observe 

 a pregnant creation.

 The difficult times of pain 

 throughout the world are 

 simply birth pains....

 Meanwhile, the moment

 we get tired in the waiting, 

 God's  Spirit is 

 right alongside 

 helping us along."   

   Romans 8:18-26  

     The Message 


"So let's not allow ourselves 

 to get fatigued doing good.

 A the right time we 

 will harvest a good crop 

 if we don't give up, or quite.

 Right now, therefore, 

 every time we get the chance, 

 let us work for the benefit of all, 

 starting with the people closest 

 to us in the community of faith."  

 ("So, frequently get with 

  some soul friends...

  for good wine and have to!!")

         Galatians 6:9-10

          The Message



It's so good to have new folks 

join in here each week.

It's so good to have wonderful 

regular folks here each week.

  Welcome One and Many 

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