Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Dear All of Us,

This week we start

with rough stuff

and hopefully 

a smooth finish.

Let's see what happens.

Not nice, rough, but

Two Fisted Drinkers

sure are a concern.

Their booze blitz 

blocks better and best.

The same is so with

Two Fisted Getters.

They clutch all 

they can get: 

power, popularity, 

pleasure, property, 


Paradoxically they 

end up blocked

by their "gots,"

trapped  and possessed 

by their possessions.

There is no room for 

different, deeper,

better, fuller.

Two Fisted Getters

are like someone clutching 

handfuls of pennies

so tightly that they

decline the hand off 

of an inheritance check 

for ten million dollars.

Penny Poor for sure!

Jesus says it all

oh so much better.

   Together let's 

     Heart Hear


    as shared in

  Luke 12:13-34

and contemporized 

     for us in 

  The Message


Here Jesus speaks

to warn and ween,

to win over from




  He paints a 

 Word Picture

in broad strokes 

with bold-bright colors.

That's how the ancient Jews

stressed importance. 

So slowly we 


   this spoken 

 Reality Canvas.

As we do,

 - what's the deep down

   truth pictured here?

 - how do we deep down

   react to it?

 - how do we deal with these 

   broad strokes, 

   this bold-bright,

   "colorful language" 

    of Jesus?

- are we drawn into

  this "picturing"

  or do we push off

  from it? 

- do we see any of

  our culture,

  value system,

  life style,

  pictured here,

  actual, desired, or both?

- what's our gut reaction

  to the two ways 

  of living,

  of receiving,

  that Jesus sketches -

  getting or being given?

- what do they look like 

  as current and lived 

  in our here and now?

- scanning Jesus here,

  what does it mean 

  to move from 

  preoccupation with

  our "getting" to being

  open in trust and gratitude 

  to God's "giving"?

- what's the cost 

  of the trust level 

  needed to be "given"?

So we go 

slowly and honestly.

No rush-brush.

We pray and ponder 

as we see/hear 

the word picture 

Jesus paints:


  "Take care! Protect yourself 

    against the least bit of greed.

    Life is not defined 

    by what you have,

    even when you have a lot." 



   "Don't fuss about what's 

    on the table at mealtimes 

    or if the cloths in your closet 

    are in fashion. 

    There's a lot more to 

    your inner life than the food 

    you put in your stomach, 

    much more to your 

    outer appearance than 

    the cloths you hang 

    on your body. 

    Look at the ravens, 

    free and unfettered, 

    not tied down to 

    a job description, 

    carefree in the care of God. 

    And you count far more." 

         ( vs 22-24)

  "If God gives such attention 

   to the wildflowers, 

   ..., don't you think 

   he'll attend to you, 

   take pride in you, 

   do his best for you?" 

          (vs 28)

  "What I'm trying to do here 

   is get you to relax, 

   not to be so preoccupied 

   with getting so you can 

   respond to God's giving.

   You're my dearest friends! 

   The Father wants to give you 

   the very kingdom itself." 

           (vs 31-32)

  "Be generous.

   Give to the poor.

   Get yourselves a bank ...

   in heaven...

   a bank you can bank on...

   The place where 

   your treasure is,

   is the place you will 

   most want to be, 

   and end up being."

      (vs 33-34)

Jesus tells us that

The Father wants 

to give us 

The Kingdom.

Are our hands 

empty enough,

is our heart 

trusting enough,

to accept?

There it is!

Lighten up.

Loosen up. 

Let go the grip of our


Open those tightened 

fists full of pennies with their 

         FAUX FILL.

          Drop it.

       Then God can 

         FULL FILL 

        our hands 

    and every other part 

    and possibility of us

    to endless fullness.

For sure this is Gospel,

    "Good News."

For sure this is also

hard to hear,

hard to take

in a capitalistic 

Get Culture:

  - "Very lovely.

     Totally impractical."

  - "I've got a mortgage

     to manage and kids 

     to get through college."

 - "If you don't get,

    you're got!"

 - "So who/what insures

     my retirement?"

 - "How about what 

    my relatives and 

    neighbors would 

    make of me, 

    do to me?"

 - "Idyllic, but I'm no 

    Flower Child."

Given the above, 

too often too many 

of us settle for 

a wimpy and supposed 


of what Jesus says.

"I'll have a 'spirit' of 

simplicity and trust,

but I can't function 

the way Jesus invites -

just not practical or secure."

That sadly sterilizes the life out 

of what Jesus offers.

Real "spirit" is 

front and center, 

dynamic, operative,

functional, actual.

So, how do we avoid 

a sentimentalized and 

fake "spiritualizing"

of what Jesus says?

So how do we live

out all this with 

a whole spirit?

It comes down to,

and raises up to, 

who/what we trust -

market, money, or

The Creative Energy

that makes us 

and makes us go.

If we bank on 

what Jesus offers,

we accept 

God Given Grace

(inner "oomph")

  - to be assured by Jesus

    of God's care and providing, 

    to bank on it

  - to notice all that care 

    and providing at play in 

    our practical, daily living -

    we actually do have food,

    shelter, clothing, the 

    beauties of nature, 

    the arts and sciences, 

    learning, and...

 - to live practically, but simply   

 - to actually refuse greed.

 - to actually relax our spirit -

   and quit fearful getting.

 - to actually let God secure us

   as we go about our daily life

   rather than grab all we can.

So yes we go to work 

and do our banking

and pay our mortgages,

We send our kids to college.

We let God work 

through our work.

We bank on, 

take the "spirit,"

the dynamic of trust 

to our work, bank, 

tuition payments,


We let God

line things up 

for us/with us,

be our assurance

and surety.

We focus on 

the gifts and largess 

that God showers on us

through the practicalities

of freed, trustful living.

We relax into living

"carefree in the care of God."

We swap out

        FAUX FILL

       and trust God to

        FULL FILL

That puts a smooth finish 

     on everything

     Joining you in 

    Kingdom Trust,

      John Frank



Left untouched by grace,

I tend to cave to fear and 

worry about security.

More and more 

over the years, though,

I've chosen to trust God

more than not.

At eighty plus 

I have been "given" 

a wonderful wife, children,

and now grandchild,

health, sufficient 

retirement funding,

a marvelous life in

education and ministry.

Wimpy and weak as I am,

I more and more do "relax",

trusting in God's care,

being "preoccupied"

with God's "giving"

and am I ever so grateful.

In sharing this here

I don't give a red hot anything 

but offering a weak man's 

witness to God's care and




          A special 

             "Hi 5" 

  to all of us from the USA


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Hey, lucky us!

God Trust

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How about that scripture

Luke 12:34 (The Message)

"The place where your 

        treasure is,

       is the place...

  you will end up being." 

    We get to choose 

      the address 

         of our 


     What a deal!!


 See you next week!






God gives us openness

mind, heart, soul -


God offers invites

a filing to endless fullness.

Gotta trust and open