Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Dear All of Us,

It's been "a week from hell."

In the past seven days

my family and I

have dealt with

difficulty, dislocation,

distress and disability

compounding all over 

each otherloss of

home and work

to serious and

long term injury.

Gone are convenience,

comfort, control.

It feels like

the Israelites

living out of a 

suitcase in the 

desert of nowhere.

Like them, 

we and

all dislocated

have two options.

We can face

our instability,

trust Yahweh

to stabilize us

in this distress

and keep on truck'n

across this desert

of dislocation.

Or, we can

take things

into our own hands,

disconnect from


fashion our own gods

for resolution

and get what

the Israelites got

more mess and misery.

Please pray for us

and all in our 

world family

suffering dislocation:

divorce, abandonment,  

migration, war,

flood, fire, COVID,

betrayal, impoverishment,

depression and painfully

too much more.

As upset and scared

as we are,

we trust and truck.

John Frank