Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Dear All of Us,

Trying to figure forward, we puzzle:

How do you get there from here?

It could be planning a trip, 

considering a career change, 

designing a project at work,

building a tree house for a child,

planning a dinner party.

The biggest of the big, of course, 

is how do we figure forward 

in life itself so that it turns out 

to be real, genuine, good, 

what it's meant to be.

"How do you get there from here?"

The night before he died

Jesus huddled with the team,

pulled them in tight,

a whole communion,

sharing with them and us

how to figure forward

so that life is real, genuine, good,

what it is meant to be, clarifying

How do you get there from here:

       "I am the way, 

        and the truth, 

        and the life;    

        no one comes 

        to the Father 

        but through me."

           John 14;6


So that's how to figure forward,

not just in our heads, 

but in our total selves, 

and all our living.

So that's how to be in community,

sharing life in the Kin-Domain,

the Rain of God's Way.

Jesus models and shares

how we get there from here.

We live him.

We have a way to go.

We have bedrock truth.

We have a life.

Out here on the street 

of everyday life

we go about it the way 

Jesus taught and lived,

how Jesus offers to live in us

in our here and now.

He is how we figure forward.

We live him.

He is our way of life

our grounding in truth itself,

the life that enlivens us.

Our value system, life style, 

work, relationships, recreation, 

are those of Jesus 

lived in the particulars of 

our here and now.

With us it's not just WWJD,

   What Would Jesus Do.

With us it's 

   What Jesus Wants To Do

in and through us.

Everything is involved.

What kind of housing we have.

What we drive.

What we ware.

What we do with 

our time and money.

What we do to work  

peace in our place.

What we do to reverence

the planet.

What of ourselves 

we share with others.

What forgiveness we ask and give.

What we read and watch.

What way we vote.

What we put into living

in a spiritual community.

What we let go of and 

allow God to in-fold us in 

the deepest of intimate love.

What disciplines and sacrifices 

we embrace to be open 

to God's Love coming to us and

to sharing God's Love with others.

What times and ways open us 

to a contemplative life.

Jesus figures us forward in life itself 

so that it turns out to be real, 

genuine, good, what it's meant to be.

In him, him in us, we fall in love,

we live love, we become love.

We love God, neighbor and self,

most personally and practically

moving forward out here 

on the street of everyday life.

That's how we get from our here 

to our forever there.

           So grateful we can 

             figure forward 


               John Frank

      See you next week here at

            frankly speaking

        spirituality for the street






We figure forward,

move on in life

immersed in the truth, 

the realness of Jesus.

That's how we connect with 

Ultimate Reality - God.

We come alive living 

the life that is Jesus.