Wednesday, December 15, 2021



Dear All of Us,

A lot of us older folks 

have a hey of a time

convincing our computers

to keep it simple.

Old, young or mid-drift,

("The devil made me do it!')

many most of us 

have a hay of a time 

getting our spiritual lives 

to keep it simple.

Yet simple they are.

Our spiritual life 

is simply to


is simply to



To do that we calm 

into to our deepest.

That takes settling,

stilling, quieting of

all the hurry scurry 

that keeps us stuck

on surface stuff.

We disrobe.

The drapings of the

     False Self 

fear, arrogance, 

  puffy posturing,




  callous individualism -

slowly fall away.

We let go figuring,

construct, control.

So freed, comfortable 

in our naked beauty,

we rest secure, safe in 

       What Is

 in the embrace of 

The Love That Is God

    (1 John 4:8)

   The Ground Of 

     Our Being

    (Paul Tillich)  

      We slowly, 


   more and more 

  become aware of 

 our existence base, 


      God gazing 

       at us

  in sheer delight.

In delighted response,

we join the gaze.

We see as we are seen.

It's a mutuality unto



We see God.

We see ourselves in God.

We see as God sees.

We see God in all we see.

    "But the basic 

     reality of God 

     is plain enough.

     Open your eyes

     and there it is!

     By taking a long

     and thoughtful look

     at what God has created,   

     people have always

     been able to see

     what their eyes 

     as such can't see:

     eternal power, 

     for instance,

     and the mystery of 

     his divine being,"

   (Romans 1:19-20 )

      The Message



As we noted last week:

"Seeing as one with God 

 we see others, nature, 

 all creation, as they are 

 in God's sight. 

 We see them in their 

 fundamental freshness, 

 purity and goodness."

   Happily our spiritual life 

         is simply to


         unto union 

        ALL THAT IS

        We then see 

       so much more,

       ever so much more.

We "see" with all five senses.

We "see" with intellect, intuition,

reflection, experience, memory,

prayer and meditation, ritual.



           unto union

 - we employ a gentle life pace

 - we eschew the blinding,

   distracting glare of 

   trivialized activity

 - we welcome, wide-eyed, 

         WHAT IS 

 - we cleanse the lens

   of perception

 - we look within and beyond

   and all about

 - we open our eyes to surprise

 - we notice so openly that we merge

 - we notice God in all and all in God

 - we eventually notice the mystery,

   the paradox, that we and all that is 

   are God creatively unique in 



We notice the intricate 

designs and varied textures 

of trees, leaves, flowers, 

fruits and vegetables.

We notice the energetic glee 

of children at play.

We notice the dynamism

of sea and storm.

We notice the wisdom of elders.

We notice the marvels

science sees and shares.

We notice the profundity of

scripture and sacred writings.

We notice the consideration

and care of a patient physician.

We notice the majesty of music.

We notice the weave and feel

of a new coat.

We notice from 35,000 feet

the hard harsh beauty of the 

Grand Canyon.

We notice the vigor

of a hearty red paired 

with fresh sauce and linguini

(al dente of course)

We notice the day to day 

and loyal companionship 

of our life partner, dearest friend, 

parents, children.

We notice Empire and its citizens

perverting and polluting creation.

We notice how absolute 

the need to bond tighter in 

the "Kin-domain of God", 

the "Rain Shower of God." 

We notice our shared call 

to be about reclamation.

We notice those devastated.

We enfold and nurture them in

the healing of resurrection care.

We notice so much that we merge.

        The surname for 




It is the aperture opening to



         GOD IS ONE 

          and all is 

        One in God.

      It's "ONE-der-full" 

 for us to be here together,

       seeing God in all,

       seeing as God sees, 

            to simply


           John Frank


       "frankly speaking"

   spirituality for the street