Wednesday, March 23, 2022



Dear All of Us,

How wonderful when we have

the clarity and courage 

to live out who were really are.

It is wonderfully true as well

for our shared life in community.

God's liveliness is let loose.

The tree of life bursts beautiful.

Of sad course, the obverse is 

tragic, deadening.

In our day and way,

like the ancient Israelites,

we must and do chose:

   "I have set before you 

    life and death...

    Chose life..." 

    Deuteronomy 30:19

It's a life choice between our

         TRUE SELF

         FALSE SELF

individually and collectively.

The choice determines 

how we be, what we do,

where we go, how we go.

Thomas Merton helps us

see the difference and choice:

    We are at liberty 

    to be real, 

    or to be unreal. (1)

    The seeds that are planted 

    in my liberty at every moment, 

    by God's will, are the seeds 

    of my own identity, my own reality, 

    my own happiness, my own sanctity. 

    To refuse them is 

    to refuse everything;

    it is the refusal of my own 

    existence and being: 

    of my identity, my very self. (2)

   Every one of us is shadowed by 

   an illusory person: a false self. (3)

   My false and private self 

   is the one who wants 

   to exist outside the reach

   of God's will and God's love 

   - outside of reality and outside of life.

   And such a person cannot help 

   but be an illusion.  (4)

  Ultimately the only way that 

  I can be myself 

  is to become identified 

  with Him in Whom is hidden 

  the reason and fulfillment 

  of my existence.

  Therefore there is only one problem 

  on which all my existence, 

  my peace and my happiness depend: 

  to discover myself in discovering God. 

  If I find Him I will find myself 

  and if I find my true self 

  I will find Him...

  The only One Who can teach me 

  to find God is God, Himself, Alone. (5)

  The only true joy on earth 

  is to escape from the prison 

  of our own false self, 

  and enter by love into union 

  with the Life Who dwells 

  and sings within the essence 

  of every creature 

  and in the core 

  of our own souls. 

  In His love we possess all things 

  and enjoy fruition of them, 

  finding Him in them all. 

  And thus as we go about the world, 

  everything we meet and everything 

  we see and hear and touch, 

  far from defiling purifies us and 

  plants in us something more of 

  contemplation and of heaven. (6) 


      New Seeds of Contemplation

     2007 New Directions Paperbook

  (first published in 1962 as a hardcover)

              (1) p32     (2) p33 

              (3) p34     (4) p 34

              (5) p36     (6) p25



My true self is me emerging from God.

Me rooted in the Reality and Good of God

and flowering forth.

My false self is the phony me I concoct,

an illusion rooted in the void of the unreal.

Nothing real comes from it.

Through my true self flows God 

in actual, personal, practical manner.

Through my false self flows illusions of reality

in actual, personal, practical, painful manner.

True self is living God.

False self is living a lie.


"To be or not to be."

 sure is the question.

 It all depends on 

 where we're coming from,

 on what we're living out from.

 (bad grammar, great truth)

          Truely Yours,

           John Frank


It's so good to have new folks 

joining in with us each week.

This past week we were blessed

with our first ever participant 

from Guatemala and also with

a large cohort from France.

To one and every


          Please share

       frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street

with family, friends, colleagues.



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      See you next week.

In the meantime and always 

may we be true to whom

we really are - a beautiful 

emanation of God.