Wednesday, March 16, 2022


Dear All of Us, 

Take a wrong turn and we're lost,

delayed, damaged or dead.

Take a right turn and 

we get on with things, 

we're on our way. 

That's how it is.

That's life.

That's also Lent.

Lent is about 

right and wrong turns,

and happily about


There's a ton of wrongs

and we suffer for that.

There are countless rights

that delight and expand us.

Both are symbolized

at the bookends of Lent.

Lent starts with ashes.

"Ashes, ashes, we all fall down"

and we sure have -

greedy self-centeredness

all the way to Putin's 

horrendous, Satanic genocide.

Lent leads up - and up it is -

to banks of Easter lilies

that defied the dark and dread

of their winter graves,

pushed up bright and beautiful

as will we, righted for

the marvels of existence.

The Righting of Wrong is


He is God Love Incarnate,

personal and present,

mixing in our 

mess and marvel.

He gets into trouble,

our troubles,

our wrong turns,

our dead and 

deadening ends,

and turns them right.

He gets right into 

the manifold graves 

our wrong turns 

have opened.

In his realness,

his aliveness,

he pushes up

bright and beautiful,

freeing us,

turning us right,

for the marvels of

Creation Refreshed


     God Life

 in the Kingdom.

Because of our wrong turns

hurt and troubles there are.

But because we belong to Jesus

we too will Spring free,

come up from our downs,

righted from our wrongs,

bright and beautiful -

we and all creation.

There's "Hope for the Flowers"

and all the rest of us.

    In God's Uplift,

     John Frank



        A variety of 

      Prayer Prompts

follow that could be employed 

over a period of time for

Lenten reflection and prayer.

Being as honest and specific

as I possibly can:

What are the five 

most distressing,

most dangerous,

Wrong Turns 

that are causing me

to be

   - lost

   - delayed

   - damaged

   - deadened

What are the five

most distressing,

most dangerous

Wrong Turns

by which I am causing 

others to be

    - lost

    - delayed

    - damaged

    - deadened

What are the five

most distressing,

most dangerous,

Wrong Turns

by which our

country, culture, church

are causing society to be

     - lost

     - delayed

     - damaged

     - deadened

How do I have to be and

what do I need to do  

to let Jesus have me, 

mess and all,

so he can

right me?

What would it be like 

to be Righted for

   Creation Refreshed


       God Life 

   in the Kingdom    







How can I open up,

how can I help others,

for these wonderful 


  to be possible?

"Or do you not know that 

all of us who have been 

baptized into Christ Jesus 

have been baptized 

into his death? 

Therefore we have been 

buried with Him through 

baptism into death, 

so that as Christ 

was raised from the dead 

through the glory 

of the Father, 

so we too might walk in 

newness of life." 

Romans 6:3-4

How do I hope that  

I and all of us can 

"walk in newness of life?


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Let's be sure to hold 

in heart and prayer

those wronged in our world

and those who wrong them.

One day may we be