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Dear All of Us,

When we gathered here 

a few weeks ago, we had a

good thing going with giving. 

Let's give giving more go.

(Yep, I like to play!)

So, here's a little 

true life adventure

from my long, long ago.

Grandma and Grandpa

joined us for Sunday dinner.

I was five in that long long ago 

of nineteen ought and forty-five.

My Mom had a try at a pint-sized 

Rite of Passage for me.

At the end of the meal

I was rather ceremoniously

commissioned to be a Big Boy

and serve desert all by myself.

Alone in the kitchen, 

I portioned out the

Hershey's vanilla ice cream

for my grandparents, 

Mom and Dad as well as 

my four-year-old sister

and rival, Ann.

I carefully brought 

the dishes out one at a time.

Lastly, I then came to the table 

with my own serving of ice cream,

a portion four time larger 

than anybody else's.

There were quiet chuckles

from the grownups and 

a howling challenge from 

my sister, Ann.

That rite wasn't at all "right."

I didn't pass the passage.

An essential part 

and passage of 

our spiritual lives

is to learn and live 

the liberation of

    "Freely you 

     have been given,

     freely give."

    Mathew 5:8 

Over the years 

our spirit maturing 

is a passage from 

the wrong of a

plugged-up self 

to the "right" 

of a freed, 

wide opened self-giving.

We catch on that 

plugged up to giving

plugs up to receiving,

that being given and giving 

have a flow through dynamic.

Given is given to give.

Plugging up the outflow

plugs up the inflow.

Conversely, we widen 

more and more to a

divine expansiveness

as we give more and more.

More flows into the emptiness 

created by the emptying out

of generous portions of giving.

It all starts and is powered by God.

God portions out the given 

of our existence,

a sharing in God's very Being.

  "So God created 

   human beings, 

   making them to be 

   like himself."

    Genesis 1:27 

  The Good News 


  " In him we live 

    and move 

    and have 

    our being." 

    Acts 17:28


What a given!

We are invited into

the delightful dynamic 

that is God.

   "God is love."

    1 John 4:8

God Love is a given 

that wants to be given.

God counts on us 

for the openness

to be given 

and to give.

   "The Lord is 

    my portion." 

    Ps 119:57

We get to portion out 

the God Love given us.

What a deal!!

This is living.

This is really living!!

We're enlivened to enliven.

We're loved to love.

We're in on creation and

being created in the deal.

That sometimes takes 

a major portion 

of being given

and its flow through

to our giving:

 - birthing a child over

   the twenty some years

   or more that takes

 - caring for a disabled 

   or elderly person

 - taking a low paying position 

   for the good of others, e.g.

   teaching, pastoring,

   social work

  - passing up a major promotion

   given family needs

 - working to right the wrongs 

   of church, government,

   media, corporations

   and taking the "hits" for it

  (Liz Cheney, Pope Francis)

 - living a decidedly modest 

   and eco-friendly lifestyle

   so as to be able to help fund

   the needs of the poor 

   and so doing reverence 

   earth, water, air

 - to put time and energy into

   nurturing community - 

   neighborhood, church, politics -

   local to global.

There are as well 

many everyday ways 

to share generous portions,

giving what we've been given

by giving of

who we are, 

what we have,

what we can do:

- being the positive in a

  negative work environment 

- having an all-alone neighbor 

   over for dinner

 - smiling and thanking the 

   checkout clerk, bus driver,

   letter carrier, librarian

 - spotting exhausted parents 

   for a few hours

 - once a week teaching 

   Sunday School, tutoring, or

   being a Big Brother/Sister

 - corresponding with 

   an incarcerated person

 - buying a box of 

   Girl Scout Cookies 

   even if they don't have 

   our favorite variety available

 - really listening and caring 

   when another shares

 - getting over a slight  

   in less than ten years

 - going to a ball game 

   with another when

   we'd dearly rather

   go to a concert

- thanking the cook even if 

  dinner is many menus 

  from what we crave

- honestly, simply, lovingly

  praying for others.

Big ways, little ways, always

we open wide to being given God,

a God Love to be given.

It's quite a 

Rite of Passage 

as we ever widen

opening to receive 

more fully God Good 

and more fully pass

God Good on.

So much God Love then flows 

in us and through us 

that after there are 

no more whiles

it's pure heaven.

So, stop over sometime 

and we'll share a generous


of Hershey's vanilla ice cream.

  Happy to be your brother,

      and Ann's too!

        John Frank


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      1 Peter 4:10


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