Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Dear All of Us, 

Holy Cow!

What's coming down here?

It's Sunday morning.

It's The Fourth of July weekend.

What's the matter with me?

I should be getting ready for church, 

pool time, a brass and organ concert at

The National Cathedral, family time,

hotdogs with lots of sauerkraut,

the blitz and blast of spectacular fireworks.

What's the matter with me?

Why am I bothering to start 

this blog now of all times?

That usually happens during the week.

   I'm bothering because 

     that's exactly how 

I really, really am right now -



What's bothering me is that 

just about everyone is

so terribly bothered, 

bothered to the point of 

fear and frustration,

despair and depression.

I look, I listen, I care.

Some say it.

Some duct it.

It's all over the place.

Society is saturated 

with despondency.

Things are out of control 

and there's a hell of 

a lot more to come.

Those who can are trying 

to circle the wagons and

they know down deep 

it won't work.

Those without wagons 

are already knocked 

to their knees, naked to peril.

I know of what I speak and 

what we don't want to know.

We live in a house built of cards 

and the winds of consequence

are blowing it to hell. 

A lived lie is now

laying life low.

The bottom is falling out 

because there is no bottom,

no substratum of reality.

It's a cockeyed fantasy -

faux, phony, fictitious -

a plastic Disney- Like Delusion

that can't hold up to the

light and heat of reality

The delusion is to have 



center and ultimate,







white supremacist 

on the march in Boston,

devastation in Ukraine,

price gauging,

dictatorship of ideologies,

SELF - seeking satisfaction in

"The Good Life"

 that is neither.



It manifests in 

a cascade of chaos - 

   rampant malicious misinformation,

   obscene wealth at the expense of 

   inhuman poverty and misery,

   politics without principle, 

   refusal to resolve racial injustice,

   destruction of democracy 

   in the name of patriotism,

   me over we,

   escalating violence


   raping Mother Earth

   (rain forests for hamburgers),

   leaders lost,

   truth denied.


Like every other empire 

- without exception -

collapsing, crumbling

imploding, folding, taking

safety, stability, security with it.

Governments, corporations,

capitalism, socialism, 

military, media, militia, money,

soft, spongy religions, banks,

programs and politicians,

can't prop us up much longer.

They are dimensions 

and departments 

of this falling fiction that is 


I so feel for us all

as we deal with it.

"It ain't nice and

 it ain't go'n away!!"

We can cave to fear,

be had, roll over and die.

We don't have to! 

There's a Road to Real,

not easy, but unbeatable,

divinely beautiful 

and eternally durable.

We can come alive anew,

righted, fresh, invigorated by

fully accepting,

fully embracing,

fully engaging

active citizenship in 

 The Realm of Real

 "The time is fulfilled,

   and the kingdom of God

   is at hand;"

It's time.

It's Now. 

It's at hand. 

We can

    "Repent and believe

     the gospel"


        Mark 1:15

Repent isn't 

wasting ourselves 

in a guilt trip.

Repent literally means 


change your mind, 

your direction, 

your heart, 

how you be 

and what you do.


isn't a doctrinal 

    head trip.

It means "be + life"

in a whole new way,

That way is "gospel,"

literally and actually

    "Good News"

    It means to 

      Live Love


   "God is Love"

     1 John 4:8

Jesus started his sharing,

his ministry, with this invite 

to a new citizenship,

the exact opposite of Empire

He details it in 

The Sermon On The Mount

        Matthew 5-7

         That's the 

prospectus and the promise.

He Lived Love,

showed how to do that,

invited us into a unity with him,

into a people, a community 

doing just that.

He names it

     The Kin-Domain of God

and it is a vibrant kinship,

an immediate and full fledged 

         Living Love

 all of us, all of nature 

        and God as 


As in Jesus' time,

it is lived in the midst of Empire,

in counter distinction to Empire

as a culture counter to Empire.

Empire is falling apart.

We don't have to.

Rather than checking 

the news 24/7

with its obsessive detailing 

the obituary of Empire, 

we can grow

right, real, forever,

joyful, beautiful, 

unstoppably alive in this 

  "Kin Domain of God"


    God Who is Love

sheer, essential, 

unlimited, outgoing, 

won't ever quit goodness

that just keeps 

bursting in beauty.

It bonds us in

active communion

with others in a 

Beloving Community.

We have no choice 

but to be in the midst of 

Empire's collapse.

It's rough and 

it's going to get rougher.

Its citizens are tearing 

each other apart, 

taking no prisoners,

demolishing structure and order,

scorching the earth and all nature.

It's a hideous demolition derby.

We will get wiped out  

if it's all we have.

It's not!!!

We have the opportunity 

for intimate union with God,

to come together

for real community -

caring, supportive 

life sharing within and outward.

       For God's sake 


     "For God's sake" 

we simply cannot settle for 

polite, gentile, feel good religion.

It's the real deal or no deal at all.

We need real God in real community.

As John Wesley said: 

           Personal Holiness

           Social Holiness

So, we find it, or we found it.


Well, it's now The Fourth of July.

I did get to church yesterday.

It was simple, simply real.

Occasional contributor here,

      Caly McCarthy 

led and preached beautifully.

Please check it out for a

         Soul Lift

Small, warm, homie church.

   Cleveland Park Congregational 

      United Church of Christ

          Washington, DC

            July 3, 2022

Couldn't handle the "rha rha" 

of civil religion at the

cathedral concert this 

Fourth of July morning.

I tuned out.

Looking forward to 

family and pool 

later today


those once a year

hot dogs with lots of 

sauerkraut. Then the 

spectacular fireworks 

here in DC.

They give me a feel for 

God's Bursts of Love.


As I wrap up this sharing

it's now Tuesday evening.

More evil and chaos as  

ordinary, garden variety people

tried to celebrate shared freedom

at a parade.

Murder, injury, fractured families,

multiple points of pain and trauma,

more fear and vulnerability

as another safe zone no longer so.

    The cult of the gun!

    The madness of Me-ism.

Even though this sharing

has been tough,

I'm glad we 


  to face up 



  our peril


 our potential.

Hang on.

Lots of land mines ahead.

So is 



Your brother right next to you,

            John Frank





       frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street




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See you next week!






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