Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Dear All of Us,

"Go figure!"

 And we sure do try!





   Right and Wrong

   Raising Kids

   Life Changes




     (Good luck!)






   Our spiritual life

Lots of lots

all over the place.

It's a day in and 

day out deal.

How do we 

put it all together?

How does it all add up?

     "Go Figure!'

The mystic, 

Julian of Norwich, did.

She was shone and 

shows that

  it all adds up to


Actually and paradoxically 

we start, stay, go, remain,

end up, always are,  

always will be 


For sure it's

a higher math

factoring endlessly

the dynamic of




is loving, outgoing, 


creative energy.

That energy

is what we call God.

God Goodness is 

the base, the genesis, 

the source, 

the very presence 

in which all that is is.

God Goodness radiates out

in form, manner, intensity, 

dynamically and beyond count.

God Goodness is The Being 

in which all being exists.

Come to find out 

everyone, everything

is marvelously unique 

in the shared


that is God Goodness.

That One is busy 

bursting forth in

uncountable, ecstatic, 

beautiful ways -


us and all that "is" 

rooted and emerging from it,

the most element pulsation 

of energy to its most 

complex configuration -


     one in being, 

varied in expression.

      We're all 


   in unendingly 

  different ways.


  OK. Let's take 

  a deep breath.



        One in all 


       all in One.

   It is God Goodness

    in different ways.

  At the core of all is


    in expression 

    vastly varied.

A vital, fruitful apple tree

can be an icon for us

of this divine unity 

variously expressed and present -

the oneness of rooted trunk 


flowering forth,

fruitful in each unique apple.

Same one life/being

presenting variously.

Our spiritual life,

indeed, life itself,

is in large part 

catching on how to 

   "Go figure" 


 God Goodness, 

  of all that is,

  how to see 

  and live this


   It is active 


Active contemplation 

    is letting God 

    show us around

    and getting us in 

    on it all.

For us it starts in 

our here and now 

and never stops

in our everywhere 

and always.

It's a given, not a gotten.

We just let go and let God 





Our spiritual "practices" 

        are simply 

relaxation exercises

to loosen us up so 

God Goodness can 

introduce us to ourselves,

and to our ourselves

in all the different ways

we are one with all that is,

getting us active

in the dynamic of 


in having a blast



    with/in all.

Julian words God:

 "See that I am God. 

  See that I am in everything. 

  See that I do everything.

  See that I have 

  never stopped 

  ordering my works, 

  nor ever shall, eternally. 

  See that I lead everything 

  on to the conclusion 

  I ordained for it 

  before time began, 

  by the same power, wisdom, 

  and love with which I made it. 

  How can anything be amiss?"


So, when we feel that "other" 

people, places, 

energies, elements, 

activities - 

are strangers,

we realize it's 

an estrangement 

on our part. 

We ask God Goodness 

to warm us open,

     to get us


    free us to 





   in all its


 different ways.

Hey, as that aborns

we find ourselves 

in love with All.

Julian of Norwich:

  "The fulness of joy 

   is to behold God 

   in everything."

No chance then for 

violating, waring,

for any kind of 

us against them

because at core we are 


Julian of Norwich: 

 "The love of God creates 

  in us such a oneing 

  that when it is truly seen, 

  no person can separate 

  themselves from another."

Everyone, everything 

is family and more.

Everyone, everything 

is a particular of One.

We are the same 

in different ways  

We're kin at core.

Thus, Godly Kin-Ness.

"Whatever you do to 

 the least of these 

 you do unto me."


Matthew 25:40

Unfortunately, it takes

lots of time for lots of us 

to grow up, to wake up to 

who, how and what 

we and all are, to our


So we sin.

It's like cancer.

The body attacks itself.

Sin is the sickness of soul

trying to split our Oneness -

us and them,

haves and have nits,

preferred and rejected.

Fortunately, as Julian assures:

"The love of God is 

hard and marvelous. 

It cannot and will not 

be broken because 

of our sins."

As we see and embrace our 


    we are free to fly.

Other things, other people 

are the me I haven't met yet.

We don't have time to 

grab, hoard, or hurt.

We reverence, we celebrate, 

we delight, we care, 

we love


because that's us.

We're freed to get 

wildly carried away 

making love with 

every bit of existence.

We help, we give, 

we receive, we share, 

we create, we celebrate, 

we enjoy, we rejoice, 

we heal.

One and never done!

"...Thy kin-domain come

on earth as it is in heaven."


That's our prayer.

That our life.

That's the wholly-ness of


       Delighted that 

     together we are      


        John Frank


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