Wednesday, August 31, 2022



Dear All of Us,

Come on!!

Let's go!!

It's party time!!

What a blast!!


 What a host!!

It's everywhere and always.

It's a themed party called


 The Delighted Creator 

       is wilding away,

    having a heaven of a 

          God Time

         sharing Self 

 here, there, everywhere, 

     this way and that.

The purpose and plan is 

        to presence 

         God Good 


   variously, vigorously,

    happily, beautifully.


is a lot more than bread 

in a church lockbox.

    The real deal,




in wind and water,

truth and justice,

a newborn, 

a long ago born,

in the Eucharist,

in poetry and prose,

in love making,

a Pieta and a pizza,

skinny dipping,

singing and symphony,

the James Webb Telescope,

raising kids,

raising heaven 

at a block party,

hopefully in writing 

and reading this.

      GOD GOOD

invites us into the fun,

the cosmic romp, 

of this creative wilding.

We plain prosper 

when we are all in.

We people presence




be we tall, short, 

introvert, extrovert, 

nurd, nun, notable, notary,

programmer, gardener, chef,

friend, stone mason, curator,

funny, serious, sometimes both,

       all the time by

     who, how, where 

       we really are

    and are becoming.

There's wonderful music 

in all this.

Creation is more than 

a monotonous few 

notes of noise.

It's a grand, gracious, 

spacious symphony.

Yet, there are those 

who direct us to voice 

only their self-appointed,

limited and limiting notations

of meaning, purpose, reality.

They demand and direct 

from their perch podium -

the media and market, 

social register, 

company policy,

social class,

approved protocols,

the local pecking order.

We are directed to  

Buy this. Drive that.

Live there.  Ware what 

we deem and design 

as correct/acceptable.

Do this.  Don't do that.

It's so sad sick!

An aborted symphony.

Disconnect, discord,

damnable dissonance.

Dulls the party!!

They try to fashion reality 

by their fictions and fashions.

They want to dictate and direct

the purpose and plan of things.

They're not up to it.

We need to not fall for it.

To switch metaphors,

what they do is like 

trying to put 

a contraceptive on

creativity and creation itself.


God Good wants to 

people presence 

and prosper extravagantly, 

uniquely, surprisingly,

make lots of music 

lots of lots of ways.

It's a symphony with 

ever more movements,

tones and tempos.

     A word about 


We people presence

      God Good

    in all kinds of 


our place, position, 

problems, possibilities,

stages and states of life.

Our "where's" change and 

we change with them so

       God Good 


through us where and as

we really are:

single, young marrieds,

in the mid-years, retiring,

gay, straight, living in the

city, country, suburb, 

sick, healthy,

liberal, conservative,

unemployed, well off. 

   God Good 

counts on us to

   "Be there"

so she/he is there 

in our "where"


God Good doesn't need 

another of already.

We all are uniquely 

one of a kind in

temperament, talents,

physique, graces, gifts.

     God Good 

counts on us to be

who and how,

we really are, 

self-special, dear delightful.


We all blend, complement, 

tone, harmonize as the 

creation symphony 

surges forth unendingly 

varied and fuller.

We breakdance wildly,

without break at this party!


          We are 

vigorous and vital elements 

in the cosmic blast of

        God Good

aborning, abounding

in puppies, oceans, farms,

scientific quest, friendships,

sun ups and sets, and 

so stunningly special

in us and all that is 

and is evolving.

In our own way 

and place 

we all host a





Delighted to come alive, commune, 

"make a joyful noise unto the Lord,"

party and presence 

with you.

          John Frank



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  "You're one of a kind."

    That's just the way

       God Good

         likes it


and what a gift to us all.


A Shout Out to all workers

in the USA and Worldwide

this Labor Day Weekend.

Thanks for all you do!

See you next week!