Wednesday, February 15, 2023


What follows is hard and difficult.

I am convinced it is necessary.

I pray it leads to hope.

I offer it to you humbly and in love.

           John Frank 


Dear All of Us,

Awake or asleep 

we are living a nightmare.

Life is dreadfully dangerous.

Existence right now 

teeters on the edge of hell.

As is and as is going 

are rushing us to a

social/global graveyard.

Wipeout is in the wind.

And worst of all,

most of us don't know it,

or don't want to know it,

or don't know 

what to do about it.

Yet, nobody nowhere 

gets a pass.

Ever since we bit our butt 

biting that apple in the garden 

we've had hell to pay.

Now it's even more terrible. 

The ante is up

beyond dangerous.

Our dread danger is like 

none other is all of history:








     or both in a new


       that blasts 

     all to nothing 

    but elements of 

what could have been

  divinely delightful.

We are organized crazy bad,

in public, in private,

in head, in heart.

The systems that operate us 

are sick and sicken unto death.

They set us up for fall.

They curate chaotic 


of truth and wisdom

which turn us toward

certainly possible 

      and now

sadly close to inevitable



    Causes and Effects

What's setting us up for down?

- capitalistic gouging by the few,

  grinding the many into poverty,

  seducing the rest with 

  assorted stuff and status,

  degrading our habitat.

- war whores making 

  killers out of kids, 

  fattening to obscene obesity

  the military-industrial complex, 

  scooping out the common purse 

  of enough (853 Billion Dollar

  Defense Budget in the USA 

  alone for2022 ), enough 

  to eradicate much to most 

  of the word's poverty, 

  hunger, and illness

- a world-wide 

     communication assembly

 internet, social media, cellular,

       print and broadcast

          often used to

      flagrantly misinform, 


  mass confusion and conflict

  paired with mind numbing,

  conscience dulling trivia and folly. 

- politicians, bureaucrats, dictators

  fashioning cults to support their

  dominating madness and warring.

- an epidemic of excessive "me-ism'

- religion that 

  lost its virginity long ago, 

  e.g. Christian Nationalism,

  which has nothing to do 

  with Christianity or 

 "One nation under God, 

  with liberty and justice for all,"

  e.g. vapid, sterile, 


  bureaucratic, corporate,

  denominations and churches 

  that dull to denial the

  lived experience of the

  "Kin Domain of God"

  Jesus offers, lived, 

  and detailed in the 

  Sermon on the Mount.

- AI: great potential, great peril -

  like riding an unbroken, 

  unbridled stallion 

  at the edge of the

  Grand Canyon

- earth and climate 

  on hospice care

- a public confused, 


  distracted to death 

  with bread and circus

(check tonight's TV listings) 

- sheep without a shepherd

  straying precipice close.

  Not one word of the above

         is hyperbole,

    nor does it have to be 

          the world's

      last gasping word


         see nothing,

         do nothing

         and it's the




The extinction 

of dinosaurs 

eons ago was small change

compared to the bankruptcy 

of people and planet

about to cash us out.

So what the heaven 

do we do about this hell

on earth?

I know of no one, nowhere

with an organizational 

        Master Plan

for reversal and redirection

that can move us righted.

Organizational shuffle 

is not where we need to start.

Blessedly we do have 

a wondrous, 

hope filled 

way to start.

It's cellular and small. 

It grows a presence 

personal, public, and robust.

Individually and in small groups 

          we pray for 

clarity and courage of heart. 

Individually and in small groups 

we daringly dream 

the real and right, 

so such that 

we be it,

we live it.

Individually and 

in small groups

we can start 

to swap out 

hell for heaven

as we


   alive a life

We dream 

   God's Originating Dream.

After a lover's orgasm 

of creative sharing

God viewed 

what was conceived:

     "God saw everything 

      that had been made, 

      and indeed, 

      it was very good."

         Genesis 1:31

We live God's 

creative dream.

We see everyone 

and all that is

as very good  

 - God Darn Good -

plenty for all 

and for all to share.

We are great-full



We live the dream real.

No more dreams, though,



 of trying to corner 


and thus throwing 

all off balance. 

We refuse to dream 

of playing God,

of biting into the 

original fruit of 


and arrogance

and thus 

biting ourselves

in the but again and still.

We quickly, completely

    shake snake free, 

    awake from that


    and never ever 

    fall for it again.

      Genesis 3



   God's Dream 

         of a 


  New Creation

 a reset, a redoing,

     a refreshing

in our just now and here: 

"For I am about to create 

new heavens and a new earth: 

the former things shall not be 

remembered or come to mind. 

But be glad and rejoice forever 

in what I am creating; 

for I am about to create 

Jerusalem as a joy 

and its people as a delight. 

I will rejoice in Jerusalem 

and delight in my people; 

no more shall the sound 

of weeping be heard in it, 

or the cry of distress...

Before they call I will answer, 

while they are yet speaking 

I will hear. 

The wolf and the lamb 

shall feed together, 

the lion shall eat straw 

like the ox; 

but the serpent - 

its food shall be dust! 

They shall not hurt or destroy 

on all my holy mountain." 

Isaiah 65:17-19, 24- 25

Now there's something 

to dream about, 

a dream to lean into,

a dream to live into,

one that enlivens and renews.

How can the dream be resident 

where we live? 

How can the imagery here

be spoken in a living dream,

daytime realized

in our just now right here?



the dream Jesus has.

He spoke it, he lived it,

       he offers it. 

"The Kin Domain of God"

Jesus shares how 

the dream comes true:

Sermon on the Mount.

     Mathew 5 -7

We dare dream it alive in 

attitude, practice, lifestyle.

We peal The Beatitudes off the

Sunday School Flannel Board

and let them place us in 

new postures and practices.

The Sermon On The Mount

wraps real and right 

about everything:

about our call to be 

salt of the earth, 

light of the world, 

about tradition, anger, 

adultery, divorce, 

our word of honor, 

retaliation, love of enemies,

alms giving, prayer, fasting,

treasure and valuation, 

seeing clear and clean,

the choice of God over stuff,

worry and anxiety, 

taking a pass on judging others,

messing up the pure and holy,

just asking to receive,

the gold standard 

for treating others,

using God's GPS 

to go it pinpoint right,

never mind talk -

taste to trueness,

we can't fake out God - 

claim doesn't do it,

follow in fact,

don't talk it, walk it.

We calibrate lifestyle to Gospel -

With Jesus we dream alive 

a whole new, simplified 

manner and approach to 

God Dream Lived.

  "In a word, 

   what I'm saying is,

   Grow up. 

   You're kingdom subjects. 

   Now live like it. 

   Live out your God-created identity. 

   Live generously and graciously 

   toward others, the way 

   God lives toward you."

        Matthew 5:47-48

       The Message

That means things like 

us having enough 

and then sharing the rest -

the kids and grandkids, 

the needy near and far,

support for justice efforts,

food banks, racial restfulness,

homing the homeless,

being a Big Brother/Sister,

liberal support of 

The Christian Brothers

and their educational ministry, 

The American Indian 

College Fund, 

Berea College, 

which is tuition free 

for the rural and other needful.

Rather than live like 

the upper crust,

we keep it simple and share 

with those at 

the bottom of the pile,

close by and far afield.

We pray/pay Turkey/Syria relief.


      Dare To Dream

ourselves into full torque

acceptance, participation,


     in Jesus' offer of

      life together in

     The Reign of God

With others we are graced 

to live real and right,

right in the midst of a world 

unreal, wrong and wronging.

God brings light to a dark world 

radiating through 

our Kingdom living.

  "You are the light 

    of the world." 

   Matthew 5:14

We are incorporated into 

   The Body of Christ

  1 Corinthians 12:27

As a body we live Jesus,

"...the way, the truth 

     and the life."

     John 14:6

Practically and as one we live

    his way of life

    the truth that he embodies

    the life of God he shares.

We do it in the actuality of our 

right now right here.

We are "ecclesia",

"The Gathered"

And gather a lot

we do and that 

in small, relational, 

Spirit Breathed Community.

We eat together.

We pray together.

We care for each other

and together we care for

people and place in need -

close in, far out.

We do our best to let God

transform our thinking, 

values, lifestyle.

We are patient with each other 

as that happens.

This is the way the church started

and can restart now.

It is cellular and small.

It grows a presence 

public and robust.

We get to live a beautiful 

         Love Life

in the midst of its opposite. 

As we do we pray, really pray, 

that Empire will fade as

   "Thy kingdom come 

      on earth as it is 

        in heaven."

      Matthew 6:10

As we do we witness to it

   together, practically,

      living the dream 

       confident that

     "All shall be well, 

      all shall be well...

      For there is a 

      Force of love 

      moving through 

      the universe 

      that holds us fast and 

      will never let us go." 

         Julian of Norwich

Full heartedly and together we


John extremely Frank this week


       It is quite wonderful 

       to have new folks 

       join in here each week.



         frankly speaking

    spirituality for the street



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  Thanks for sharing here in this 

  difficult and hopeful experience. 

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              Love to all