Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Dear All of Us,

I see it and say it

  every week 

as we connect

     here at 

frankly speaking:

 "Dear All of Us."

     Lots of us

from lots of lands.

     All of us

definitely different


dearly the same.

It's one of those

"Stange but true"

phenomenon in life.

We can't "Go figure."

There's nowhere to go, 

much less a way 

to figure it out.

It's a paradox:

a contradiction 

that really isn't.


It's a twin reality to 

the saying that

"The more things 

are different

the more they are 

the same."      

For sure that puzzles 

our heads, our hearts,

our lives, our world.

  How thrive living 

     the paradox 

       that all is

Differently The Same?

     All that "is" 

    springs from 

 the same source

splendidly different.

Every "is" is a flow of

  ex -" IS " - tence.

     All that is

Same Source Sprung

   is at once both

   its' unique self

and at the same time

    an instance,  

      of the 


    All is One 

uniquely, differently.

  With and within 

all that is there is a 

Holy Communion.

    Every "is


  a moment,

  a motion 

  a manifestation 

  of what "is" 

as different as it may be -

gamma rays, babies, spaghetti,

websites, rainforests, puppies,

Yellow Tail's Big Bold Red wine

     FYI: inexpensive, robust,

     all together worthy - 

     I speak from 

     personal preference - 

     hey, after all, this is 

    "spirit uality for the street"-

     thought we could use 

    a little let up here!

    Well, O.K. and now back to 

      Source Same Differently

Scientists recognize 

the oneness of all 

in its differences,

starting with 

one mighty  

 Big Bang 

 of energy

that bursts forth in

in countless 

energies and forms 

through what we call 

time and space,

and still spins so.

The mystics see it so.

    They sense 

   an underlying 


       in all


As we see and sense 

       that all is 


 Differently The Same

we are freed to delight in,

to lovingly embrace 

and be embraced by

  all sorts of unique

  cuisines and cultures,

  places and persuasions,

  religions and rituals,

  schooling and socializing,


  music and art,

  bio diversities,


  to name a few 

   of all that 

      " IS "



 is not a threat.



   Us Unique.

Yes, there is sadly

The Problem of Evil,






We don't know 

the whole story.

We do know that

Love is the Energy Field 


   ex "IS " tence

 and of its nature 

     Love is free, 

   free for acceptance,

   free for rejection,

   free for pure creative unity,

   free to be perverted destructive.

          The only response 

             to negative 


       is to hold to the good

             (as in God)

       is to flood evil with good.

       See Jesus on Calvery.

       See MLK.

       See First Responders.

       See Foster Parents.

       See Fire Personnel.

       See Media Truth Tellers.

       See a Principled Politician.

       See Prophetic Pastors.

       See Adults In Parent Care.

       See Many Social Justice Groups.

       See Creation Care Givers.

For our part

we are in LOVE,

we wouldn't dream 

of harming our 

   Source Same

differently expressed.

To do so would be 

to harm ourselves

and that which we love.

That's the key to peace.

     Peace is the 

tranquility of order.

It's the harmony 

of the spheres,

social to celestial.

That's the ground 

and energy for 

Beloved Community.

That blends all energies

cooperatively creative.

Love is in free flow.

That Love, that Energy,

that Flow, that Mystery,

that Source, 

that Goodness

we call 



  "God is love."

   1 John 4:8

  We can fathom 

   the paradox of

Differently the Same

   only a smidgen.

 We can be it, live it 



As the Buddhists share it,



How wonderful that 

you get to be you, 

that Other gets to be unique,

that we get to be Us! 

How divine to be 

infinitely more than just 

next-door neighbors.

      John Frank



    Women, Earth, and Creator Spirit,

           Elizabeth A. Johnson

                 2022 edition

                Paulist Press 

       Laudato Si - Praise Be to You: 

       Care for Our Common Home

                 Pope Francis



    Each beautifully and variously

          treats the theme of

           Unity in Diversity



           One and all.



           All In ONE

        frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street



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       that we encounter.

   Jesus names and offers it,

    The Kin Domain Of God.


   We get to delight being 




   See you next week 


     eventually forever.