Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Dear All of Us,

So, what do you think?

In our longing 

for that one, 

special, life-long 


do we wait it out, 

wait to be sought out?

Or do we get out 

and seek out that one, 

special life-long 



When it comes 

to the God, 

do we seek or 

are we sought?


Is it Abraham Heschel's

God's Search for Man,


    Vicktor Frankl's 

Man's Search for Meaning?


It's the proverbial 

twosided coin -

a unified, 



  all at once

In our spiritual desire for

The Ultimate, One, Special

    Eternal Good God

 We hurry up and wait.

 Two Soul Sensitivities

    at the very time.

Trusting that we are sought, 

           we wait.

All ears and eyes, heart and soul, 

           we seek.

Both necessary.

Each unique.  

God seeks us.

We seek God.

That's what lovers do.

Both are an unfolding of  


    God's and Ours

The seeking and being sought

can happen at the same time.

We hold a newborn baby

and sense God coming to us 

and ourselves coming to God.

They can come about separately.

We are suddenly graced 

as John Wesley was 

that Pentecost Eve 

when his heart was 

"strangely warmed."


We read Richard Rohr and 

find a contemplative 

way to pray.


Sometimes we wait for one 

or the other or both.

Sometimes we feel God 

drawing us into moments of 

profound, indescribable intimacy.

      That's Soul Sought

At other times we seek God

in nature, in meditation, 

in service, in........

      That's Soul Seeking

Often we experience 

being sought and seeking

in the same places and ways.

God "shows up" in:

prayer private and shared,


the writings of mystics,

scientific research,


caring for others,

love making,

a delightful dinner party,

Holy Communion,

great art and literature,

seeking justice for all,

a job well done,

in a simple kindness,

medical care,

a good education,

in our church,

at a State Park,

dancing and singing.

No matter 

sought or seeking,

it's an unfolding -

sudden, slowly,

progressively, surprisingly,

a first ever, a regular.

One way and many 

we hurry up and wait.

Forcing delays or destroys.

We don't try to get 

a seven-year-old 

to be a mystic on his

First Holy Communion Day,

but that could happen!!

God seeks us out 

as God presents.

In our seeking 

we find God 

as God presents.

God just wants 

our openness 

and takes it from there.

    Most basically, 

God wants to be our


There's a lot of surprise 

to it whether it's 




What does The Spirit 

      Soul Say

       to us?

"For thus says 

the Lord God: 

I, I myself will search 

for my sheep and 

will seek them out."  

   Ezekiel 34:11

"You will seek me 

 and find me, 

 when you seek me 

 with all your heart"

  Jeremiah 29:13

"Rest in the Lord and 

 wait patiently for him."

       Psalm 37:7



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Looking forward to us all 

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next week.

       Love to all.

       God Bless

       John Frank