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   FEBRUARY 7, 2024

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Dear All of Us,

It's been a while. 


    my little 



(Ollie and Mom the other day)

is a bright, happy, 

active, most lovable, 

card carrying toddler,

two and a half now.


Yah, I'm nuts about him!


Among his endless 

favorite things is

a beginner's version of

Hide and Seek

It always calls for 

at least four encores!

Hide and Seek

is fun as play 

with children.

It's absolutely 

no fun at all 

when it's at play 

in our spiritual lives.

It drags us into 

a futile fix.


we hide both 

our true self and 

our false self 

from ourself and 

everyone else 

so faux-fully that 

no seeking finds 

the hidden self.

It is too often 

so with nations, 

religions, corporations, 

institutions of 

all sorts and strips. 

It's a Hide and Seek 

that is impossible 

and in which no one wins.

The worst of the worst 

is getting drawn into 

the futility of seeking 

     a hidden God.

It's like a Road Race 

to find what's right there 

in front of us.

God isn't hidden.

Rather, we aren't focused 

on seeing God 

in plain sight 

right there in that

  "front of us"

 in us, in others, 

 in all Creation.

Over time just about 

all religions have 

posited and positioned 

         a god 

up there, out there -

hidden somewhere we aren't. 

Thus, distance and division

with consequent and futile 


seeking a far out 

and hidden god.

This god they created is 

"made in the image 

and likeness of" us,

is a sort of 


Since this god 

creates and controls all, 

we need to seek him/her 

and make "Nice Nice" 

for our protection and

our hoped-for prosperity 

here and hereafter.  

The game is lost 

from the start 

as we scramble seeking 

a god not at all hidden,

and not created, 

much less made in our

human image and likeness.  

Yet, too many priests, 

pastors, philosophers,

gurus, theologians, 

shamans, rabbis 

and imams 

have created a cult, 

made career 

and cash 

of this 

"hide and seek."

It's fundamental flaw 

        is that 

  dreadful distance, 

       us here,

       God there,

and thus that 

    dreadful "art of the deal"

with the divine. 

It falls and fails into


    not transformative 


Look what and where 

all that hidden god 

has gotten us!!

We're at a crisis time 

in history.

There's a call on 

what's what.

We are finding 

we have come up 

spirituality short 

for centuries.

Our spiritual 

health and growth, 


civilization's survival, 

depend on a 

refocused spirituality.

Let's give it a go,

starting right where we are.

Be advised:

      heavy lifting required.

There simply is what


We're born into it, 

actually of it. 

That is true of all -

be it universal and

probably beyond that 

energies, vegetables, 

puppies, planets, people, 

elements of matter 

in the mountains 

and elements for 

tonight's supper, 

music, media, concept, ...

        All that is 

      exists in this 


All that exists (ex "is" ts) 

is an instance of this 


All that exists is part of 

      what really



That's really good, 

and we delight to call 

this unlimited good 


God doesn't exist

in existence. 


    God is existence. 

    All exists in God 


         God "IS" 

more than pretty close, 

   and endlessly so!

         God "IS" 

what, where and how all


We are part 

of that Good, 

part of what 


Of course, 

there's a heaven of 

a lot more than 

we see, figure, fathom, 

know, or experience 

of God just yet.

It's not hidden. 

It's that we are not yet 

tall enough, 

evolved enough,

matured enough,

to see more of 

the God Good Horizon 

as it ever out-goes. 

There's plenty of


in which we can 

meet and mix

with God

right where, 

as and how we "is".

We are gifted to be 

immersed in it, 

in God.

God is not hidden 

out there somewhere.

Go inward, go outward - 

       God "IS."


 Our spirituality is 

 immersion in what


   immersion in


"God is my deepest self" (1)

"God is closer to me 

 than I am to myself. (2)

"It is in him that 

 we live and move 

 and have our being." (3)

God is the "IS" 

of every person, 

thing, power, pulsation 

in which and with which 

there is and we "is." 

We are family -

same last name, 

different first names.

The physicist,

Neil de Grasse Tyson 

notes our solidarity.

He says we are all

fundamentally connected 

to each other biologically, 

to the earth chemically, 

and to the rest of 

the universe atomically.(4)




  splendidly diverse.

Our spirituality is 

to be present to God 

in all within and 

in all about us.

It is not to be 

chasing after

a hidden, far out, 

a somewhere else God.

God is right 

in front of us, 

all around us, 

all the way inside us.

That's where 

we commune with God -

  Everywhere Always

What about the evil

in existence?

Sadly, some spoilers 

there are. 

They try to fracture what 


grab pieces of it to fashion 

cult of isolated 

and isolating self. 

It's their hellish efforts 

at dominating what 


It causes chaos and pain.

We suffer that evil.

Evil is a violation of what 


Evil is Good disordered.

We are part of 

challenge to that.

We work at the 

redemption of evil,

to rightness as it really


Our spirituality is 

to live in God.

We work, play, pray, 

love, share together 

in God Good.

Rather than stress after 

a god somewhere 

out there,

we are immersed in God 

right here, right now.

It's our milieu.

Chardin calls it

The Divine Milieu.

It's where we 

encounter God.

No hide and seek to it.

There's so much more 

to see and say, 

so some time down the line,

perhaps after Easter, 

let's do just that.

Thanks for plowing through 

           all this.

Hopefully that next time

will be a lighter lift.


   (1) Catherine of Genoa

   (2) Augustine

   (3) Acts 17:28

   (4) Referenced in 

 Richard Rohr's 

 Daily Meditation,

 The Center for 

  Action and 


   July 4, 2023



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        So God 

  to be together here.

  See you next week.

       Love to all,

      John Frank