Friday, September 8, 2017


Hi There!

So, it's pretty noisy and crowded in here.

The projected thirty five minute wait time has already morphed into two hours.

Bet it'll be another hour for sure.

All this to get a driver's license in my new home state.

Oh well, where better than the DMV to muse and meditate on "spirituality for the street."

In so doing, it occurs to me that driving and spirituality are both about making our way in life.

With each we are trying to get somewhere -  Kalamazoo, our mother-in-law's

( what's the hurry? ), work, heaven, tranquility, significance.

In both we make good time, get lost, even spin out.

Of course, all analogies eventually get a flat tire.

So too here because driving is self directed and spirituality is aware and active acceptance.

We can do, have done, will do Americans find it hard to move over and enjoy the ride,

to allow ourselves to be brought along to our destination - our destiny.

There was a charming example of aware and active acceptance in the news the other day.

Over on the other side of the pond, little Prince George

was "brought" to his first day of school by his father.

He was all eyes as he accepted the  welcome of the head mistress

and was lead  into his classroom - aware and active acceptance.

Way back when the only driving was done with a horse, Buddha parked his,

sat down under the Bodhi Tree and came to aware and active acceptance , to Nirvana.

Stop to go!

Wake up to be there!

As a matter of fact, Buddha's name means " awake."

In one way or another, Jesus regularly reminded folks to "Stay awake." (Mark 13:35)

Awake to awareness.

Paradoxically, we already are where we think we are going

(take five on that one!).

We just need to wake up to it, to accept it.

We "be" in "Being."

We're there!

Spirituality is waking up to this, actively accepting the majesty of it ALL.

Years ago I lived as a hermit for six months near the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky.

One clear, beautiful October  morning I was having coffee at the kitchen table.

My goal was to do some heavy duty spiritual reading and writing ,

to figure my way forward to mystical states of holiness.

Oh boy!!!

I looked out through the open door to the barnyard.

There was a huge maple tree next to the barn.

As the sun began to rise behind it, there was this kaleidoscope of rich, fall colors

gently changing from magnificence to magnificence as the sun continued to rise behind it.

Forget the spiritual reading and writing.

I was drawn into  Mystery.

Half an hour later my coffee was cold, but I had warmed to aware and  active acceptance.

Opps! They just called "C 320."

That's me.

Yep, three hours on the nose!

Hope I get licensed to be on my way.

Even more, I hope I get on my way to where I already am - I am in " I AM.'

I pray it for us all.

Thanks for your good company.

More and more I am "aware" of you and the blessing you are to me.

Will be happy to see you again next week.

In God's Dear Love,

       John Frank