Saturday, September 2, 2017


Hi There!

So, not to be too personal, but are you normal?

According to Sigmund Freud,

if you can love and work you are.

This weekend we, well, I was going to say "celebrate" work, but I'm not to sure about that.

At least a lot of folks get a long weekend.

For all his "kookiness," though, Freud was on to something here.

When all is said and done, the way we live out our lives is mostly through love and work.

I remember as a boy mumbling about my least favorite chore.

My dear, sweet Mother, and she was both, smiled and said:

"Honey, learn to love your work because you will be working the rest of your life."

Looking back as a seventy seven year old, she sure was right.

I'm still working and, for the most part, have loved my work,

and  loved through my work, all these many years.

As a boy I had a paper route, helped (was conscripted!!)

to help my father with his pest control business, and worked in the school cafeteria.

As a teen and young adult I worked on farms, as a laborer in a cemetery,

was a camp counselor, worked as a salesperson in an up scale department store

(that was the exception that proved the rule - I hated the phoniness of it all),

did missionary work in the farm fields of Indiana with migrant workers

(and did I ever love those so hard working, undocumented souls!!).

Once I was ordained and had some graduate degrees in my pocket,

the adult years have meant working as a pastor and educator.

Have loved it!  It's been a real fit!!

Still is, now to a slowed down pace given age, take away stamina, add arthritis.

I've had the gifts, a sense of call and purpose, and a vigorous enthusiasm for my work.

I've sensed I was in on a bit of creation in the company of the Creator.

St. Benedict's motto has been my guidance system:

                                   "Laborare est Orare."

                                   "To Work is to Pray."

I've learned that at its best, work is meant to be "soul - full."

I am blessed, I know it, and I am grateful!!

Whether our work is corporate or corporeal,

may it be cooperative participation in the creative process -

a labor of love.

Enjoy the hot dogs and beer this weekend.

See you next week.

Love to all!

John Frank