Friday, September 15, 2017


Hi There!

So, being a "newbie" in town,

I'm "all eyes" when I go out to

 the store, library, MVD, church, gas station,

the "Y," restaurants, and so forth.

I'm learning people and places.

I notice more than I usually do.

So far, very good.

Glad to be here.

One thing that "catches my eye," though,

in my new noticing

is how many people

are significantly overweight, even obese.

And a lot of them are young.

Sadly, thy look like sausages about to burst their skins.

As a nation, 35% of us are obese ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention ).

I say this not to scold, but as a concern.

We are stuffed!!!

And it's not just corporeal.

Every store  I visited is "sound stuffed" with some sort of pulsating (??music??) noise.

And then there's all the absurd "stuff" that crowds the shelves and isles.

Come on, " Pistachio Cranberry Caramel Cucumber Non Fat Turkish Mint Yogurt"!!!


I remember hearing that if the whole world were to have all the stuff we do in the USA,

it would take three planet earths to source it. (Brother James, Taize)

If you have the interest and time, please check out the classic

"The Story of Stuff, " by Annie Leonard on YouTube.

It cleans house on this whole stuff pollution in which we find ourselves.

In restaurants people outdo each other stuffing the air

by scaling up and up decibel levels.

The media peppers us with non stop stuff

that nobody really  needs  to know (or endure).

We feel compelled to stuff our schedules for supposed significance.

Moving has put in bold relief for me how much  "stuff" stuffs my living.

This is embarrassingly difficult, but in the recent move I discovered

that I have new, unopened packs of underwear and a stash of dental floss

that will literally last me the rest of my life!!

Well, I bought them on sale!!

But this boy scout has gone over the top when it comes to "Be Prepared."

Stuff stresses us.

It keeps us superficial.

It prohibits our rootedness from going ever deeper

and our spirits from soring ever higher.

It steals space -

space for noticing, feeling, for texture and touch,

absorption in beauty, hearing the sounds of silence.

We need to downsize to expand.

We need to make sure that stuff doesn't take the place of

experiencing the mystery of The Mystery.

More and more I realize other "stuffers" that stifle spirit.

Fear, pride, self absorption are the worst of the worst killer stuff

that can fill us out of ourselves.

I'm glad I moved.

It's moving me to notice and  simplify,

to free up for the central meaning of living.

Our real life level is to let God make love with us.

"Stuff" clutters the love bed,

gets in the way of free frolic

filling to Oneness.

Here's to an uncluttered, king size love bed!!!!

Given the weather devastation of late,

let's all put some prayer and money

into hurricane relief.

We can skip the "Pistachio Cranberry Caramel Cucumber Non Fat Turkish Mint Yogurt,"

endless packages of underwear and  stashes of dental floss,

even if they are on sale

and we are over zealous boy scouts wanting to "Be Prepared,"

and scads of stuff unneeded so as to help folks needing

to get back on their feet and on their way home.

Catholic Charities, Episcopal Relief and Development,

United Methodist Committee On Relief

are all groups of great people that will make sure our help gets where it needs to go.

A last thought or two.

We need to lighten up to fly.

Notice runners don't wear armor.

So good to be blessed with our little community here.

We are currently people from India, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico a few countries in North Africa

and mostly here in  the USA.

How neat it would be for us all to share our nourishments at a great supper.

If not in time, after time for sure!!

Love to all!!

See you next week.

In God's dear Love,

   John Frank