Friday, July 12, 2019


Dear All of Us,

So, how good are you at making love?
No, I am not a wannabe Dr.Ruth,
nor am I doing a sex survey
for some sleazy tabloid.
The question is perfectly pure.

Ultimate success in life 
is getting ever better and better 
at making love,
and that's much, much more, 
and way, way wider than bed.

Our spiritual life is one great big, 
wonderful, nonstop love making.
It is simply and literally "divine."
               "God is love."
From that Love we come.
In that Love we live love with
we let God and neighbor love us
and join them in the experience
by fully loving and embracing 
the love we are.
It's a giving and receiving.
It permeates every moment and motion 
of our being and doing.
Our spiritual life is 
a love making unto union
everywhere and always.

All this isn't just something
"poetic pretty" for sunny days.
It's immediate, practical -
a constant for every right now
whether sunny or not.

The Love Who Is God
flows into and through us.
Accepting and sharing that
        LOVE FLOW
is eternal love making in 
our right here and now.

Everything we are and do is engaged.
Nothing is "secular."
Everything is sacred - everything.
Everything is experienced 
and done God and us together.
Everything is the now and here 
of divine love making.
One in God we
    - brush our teeth
    - go to work
    - are imaginative and creative
    - forgive
    - welcome and embrace
    - work for community
    - enjoy a glass of wine
      (or a cold beer if you prefer)
    - reconcile
    - hurt and suffer
    - get lost in mystical oneness
    - do diapers (child/elder)
    - read and study
    - worship
    - drive (loving and trying 
      to get out of the way 
      of that tailgater)
    - do creation care
    - host a cookout
    - pray and meditate
    - work for social justice
    - and endless more and other.
Everything we are and do is engaged.
Everything is the here and now
of divine love making - everything!

Sometimes our love making means 
intense passion and awareness.
Other times it is a quieter togetherness.
Good lovers that we are, though,
we're always one,
be that mystical transport
or taking out the garbage.

Quite John Frankly this takes some getting used to.
It takes teaching head and warming heart
and that again and again.
As an aid let's try this:
Draw from the list of descriptors for divine love making.
Pray and ponder over one slowly and broadly.
Then write a word or phrase next to it that indicates:
        - an instance of it that is easy and regular, and/or
        - an instance of it that is difficult and avoided, and/or
        - an instance of it that is new and challenging.
Pray and ponder over it slowly and broadly yet more.
Every once in a while, come back to it 
and praying and pondering what it raises in our spirit.
Take one or a few a day.

                     A LIFE OF DIVINE LOVE MAKING IS

- vigorous: __________________________________________________  

- surprising: _________________________________________________

- gentle: ____________________________________________________

- sensitive: __________________________________________________

- strong: ___________________________________________________

- generative: ________________________________________________

- compassionate: ____________________________________________

- creative: __________________________________________________

- generous: _________________________________________________

- contemplative: _____________________________________________

- receiving: _________________________________________________

- giving: ___________________________________________________

- aware: ___________________________________________________     

- caring: ___________________________________________________

- appreciative: ______________________________________________

- pure: ____________________________________________________

- cooperative: ______________________________________________

- sharing: _________________________________________________

- free: ____________________________________________________

- freeing: _________________________________________________

- open: ___________________________________________________

- imaginative: ______________________________________________

- joyous: __________________________________________________

- patient: _________________________________________________

- long suffering: ____________________________________________

- supportive: _______________________________________________

- forgiving: ________________________________________________

- encouraging: _____________________________________________

- centered: ________________________________________________

- grateful: ________________________________________________

- playful: _________________________________________________

- full of awe and wonder: ____________________________________

- steady: _________________________________________________

- your descriptor: __________________________________________

- your descriptor: __________________________________________

- your descriptor: __________________________________________

Too many people think that bed is the only place for love making.
We get to make love everywhere and always.
It's simply divine.

Ultimate success in life is getting better and better at lovemaking,

                      so much so that 

              when days give way to forever
                           we are 

                     Perfectly In Love.

                   Holding one and all in

                   The Love Who Is God,

                          John Frank



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