Friday, July 5, 2019


Dear All of Us,

You know what?
Sometimes, the stars actually do line up just right.
You ever so reluctantly agree to a double date 
and end up meeting the love of your life.
Your twins graduate from their colleges a week apart.

Well, things haven't been all that neat, 
and certainly not a bit tidy, 
around here this week.
Things were not lining up at all right.
Example: my back gave out big time,
and did so with a dump truck of pain.
Example: I couldn't find one.
Any kind of apt example, illustration, suitable simile, 
for this week's "frankly speaking"
just hid out, refused to show up 
on mind or monitor.
Nada!!  Lots and Long!!  Nada!!

In the meantime, 
which was just the opposite of mean,
comes this lovely watercolor original, 
a gift from its painter.
Painting and painter so beautiful!!
Pictured is an arched oak door,
centered in a gray white stone wall,
cascading greens above,
a terracotta planter flowed full to the side,
red pavers happily hosting 
tiny green immigrant greens between them
(yes, that was on purpose!!).

Well, I get excite about beauty.
That beautiful painting just had to be placed prominent.
As I set it up in my "shop" (cell/study),
the stars just popped into place, 
lined up just right.
There it was - the longed for example/illustration/simile:
                      THE DOOR

Our soul has a door.
Everything hinges on it opening both inward and outward,
otherwise The Spirit is locked out.
Our spiritual life can never be one directional 
and be at all viable.
There is an in and an out to it.
Our Soul Door opens to deep inside.
Our Soul Door opens to far outside.
Duo dynamic.

A few lites from that starry alignment,
shedding light on the sacred swing 
of our Soul Door inward and outward.

We leave behind and shut out the moment's "busies," 
its preoccupations, absorptions, distraction and concerns.
We enter the still, sacred sanctuary of inner self.
In that still sacredness we yield to
The Love Who is God,
to the passionate embrace, penetration blending us One.
In that still sacredness 
The Love Who Is God
yields to our passionate embrace, penetration blending us One.
It is an intimacy divine, beyond image or word.
We are literally and actually "in" Love.

That Love is hot stuff, intense, dynamic, 
doesn't know how to sit still, doesn't stay put.
So off we go, swinging our Soul Door outward.
God-Us is out and about for run and romp.
It's a heaven of a great time seeing, sensing, savoring as One
the goodness in God's Creation Garden.
Together we delight in:
      - a Bruce Springsteen concert
    - a Sicilian pizza
    - a day at Longwood Gardens
    - the observations and thoughts of evolutionary cosmologist,
      Brian Swimme in The Universe
    - getting down on the floor and playing with a one year old
      ( those of us "plused" of years may need a lift from that lift)
    - a week hiking in the mountains
    - the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
    - taking kids to a baseball game and having altogether too many hotdogs
    - getting lost in the art of Giotto
    - star struck at the planetarium
    - a free fall in the swell and lift of a Bach chorale
    - and the endless venues, experiences, manifestations 
      of simply divine creativity.

That Love is hot stuff, intense, dynamic, 
doesn't know how to sit still, doesn't stay put.
So off we go, God-Us swinging our Soul Door outward to:
     - see and serve those pushed to the margins
     - those needing notice and nurture
     - the lonely longing for inclusion
        - lifting those laid low by life's trouble
     - comforting the damaged and violated
     - actively advocating for them,
       and that in a personal and practical way:
        So, I urge each of us to vigorously oppose the contemporary abuse
        that separates migrant children from their parents, terrorizing, 
        even deadening their young psyches, often forcing them 
        to live in squalid encampments, setting too many up for sexual abuse.
        The effects of this inhuman and evil violation of family and children                   will haunt and harm for life.
        Migration is a global issue that the nations are far from addressing, 
        much less working to a new synthesis.
        There are political as well as moral matters to a hugely complex concern. 
        These incarcerated children are innocent victims of failed governmental
        approach and policy.
        Their plight is not essentially a political matter.
        It is essentially a moral matter.
           I would doubt our love union with God if we sit by 
        in the comfort of middle class living and do nothing for them.
        After lots and lots of love and prayer, we need to get busy contacting 
        our legislators, heads of the government agencies involved and most of all
        President Trump. He lives on Pennsylvania Avenue with his child 
        in a manner far from those children in location and quality. 
        Let's tell him we are praying for, "campaigning for," his change of heart. 
        Lovingly and ever so clearly let's remind him 
                        - "Whatever you do to the least, you do to me." (1)
                 - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  (2)

                                         Jesus Christ 


                               "We have been given eyes to see,
                                but the question becomes,
                                do we let our hearts
                                be broken by that reality,
                                and then do we act?"
                                         Dorothy Day

References for the contacting the governmental  leaders cited above can be found in the Addendum at the end of this posting.(3)

Our spiritual realness and health depends on the openness of our Soul Door.
So we open it wide and invite into the sacred sanctuary of self
the "in breathing" of The Holy Spirit through:
         - sacred writings and wisdom texts
         - times of meditation and prayer
         - the counsel of a spiritual director
         - shared worship and sacrament
         - living in the presence of God
         - a contemplative notice and gratitude
         - the lived experience of a genuinely spiritual community.

Jesus highlights just how indispensable inward/outward openness 
is to soul viability and vigor.
When we open our hearts to love even our enemies 
our hearts are really opened to be loved.
So, too, forgiving others from our center, 
opens the way for us to be forgiven all the way in.
Not judging others out there means 
not being judged in here at soul center. 
What a deal!!
I'm in!! 

       "The measure by which you measure
         will be measured back to you." (4)


To have our Soul Door open 
is a two way dynamic for sure.
It's sort of like electricity.
Current flows if we have two poles.
So we open The Door 
inward and welcome.
So, we open The Door 
outward and welcome.
It's electrifying.
We are juiced.
We are hot wired.
The current flows.
We are ablaze in 
The Love Who Is God.

So, you know what,
sometimes the stars 
really do line up just right.
They sure do 
as our Soul Door opens
inward and outward.

Thanks for your openness.
Holding one and all in 
The Love Who Is God.

      John Frank



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                  (1) Matthew 25:45
                  (2) Luke 6:31
                  (3) Google: 
                           Elected Official/USA Gov
                  (4) Luke 6:38


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