Wednesday, October 13, 2021



Dear All of Us,

I'm in recovery.

My addiction lasted

seventy five years -

from age six 

to just this Spring.

It started in 1946

with my first radio.

I was hooked.

I became a

Broadcast News 


Early on it was 

the sonorous tones of 

H.V. Kaltenborn

reporting the news

on NBC Radio.

There was 

Lowell Thomas

on CBS Radio

signing off with 

the likes of

"So long for now 

from Kathmandu."

As a seven year old in

Battle Creek, Michigan,

I'd regularly stop in 

at the two radio stations

downtown as the

news and weather 

were being broadcast.

I was out of my mind crazy 

when once the announcer 

on the other side 

of the glass wall said,

"We have a cute 

little redhead visiting us

here in the studio 

this afternoon."

i didn't wash my right hand 

for ten years after shaking hands 

with the CBS sage, Eric Sevareid.

As a young adult I bumped into 

Walter Cronkite at the A&P

in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

I forced myself to refrain from 

asking him to autograph my bag of flour.

On and on right up to 

Judy Woodruff and the

PBS News Hour.

The nightly news was 

 a sacrosanct must.

Things had to fit in around it.

News Specials outflanked

all but Sunday Church.

Broadcast News Addict

        for sure.

Could never get enough.

Enough with "enough."

I recently realized 

( more than a 

slow learner here )

I was getting

too much that was being talked about 

too much that just wasn't all that 

much good, 

much less 

much good news

in the first place.

In others words: 

Too much of not too much!

These days I check

The Washington Post online,

read a few select articles,

but don't give it 

obsessive time 

or attention -

want to be informed 

but not fixated.

Old age has forced me

to realize I need 

to be judicious

about where I invest 

attention and time.

What does claim my 

attention and time

these days is a major flip 

for me of news reporting.

These days I encourage

us all to be


announcing news of

a wonderfully fresh 

and hopeful sort.

It's called 


    Good News,


What a lift in 

a down time. 

How encouraging 

to hear and see 

so many being the 

medium and message

of the real and positive

as they broadcast 

 The Good News

Mostly they do it 

by their life style,

their living love 

in simple, 

everyday ways.

They are honest, 

hope filled,

generous, caring, 

sharing and creative.

They live the life of Jesus.

They are "networked" as 

     WTL Radio



     THE WAY



In the midst of 

today's deadly 

Evil Empire 

spinning us 

to destruction, 

they stabilize. 

They are beautifully alive 

and enlivening.

They right things 

in the midst of wrong.

They live the 

Love Who Is God,

personally and practically.

Their "live" broadcasts

gives clear channel to

   The Good News 



They do this in 

their own frequencies,

right where they are, 

just as they are.

They are partners and parents,

warehouse workers, neighbors, 

artisans, investors, teachers, 

farmers, bus drivers, retirees,

technicians, shop keepers,

school board members... 

- all living 

          God Love

 really, personally and locally.

Simple example.

The other day I struggled 

to get off the bus 

with my little shopping cart.

It was filled to the brim 

(had a couple bottles

of wine in there)

and was it ever heavy.

Trying to exit I realized that

the gap between the bus 

and the curb was such that 

in no way could

I navigate that stretch.

I was stuck and 

the bus driver was getting antsy.

A black man and a white man

at the bus stop took over.

They reached in, 

took my cart over the gap

with smiles and good cheer.

In a city with 

sadly significant

racial tension, 

that outreach 

and united effort

   sure was

  Good News

Those men and 

so many more

are out here on 

the street of

everyday life.

They are and 

are casting broadly

The Good News Live.

   They are you! 


     Thank You!

Your broadcast partner

         John Frank



The above posting was written

a few weeks ago before last week's

     "A Week from Hell"

So glad it was in the queue.

This past week was less hellish -

   "A Week in Purgatory"

Can't wait for 

    "A Week in Paradise"

My family and I thank 

so many of you 

who offered

so much support.

You are dear and

we are grateful.