Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Dear All of Us,

So, spirituality is 

all about our life 

     in God. 

Well then, how

do we connect,

  how do we       



Some folks head off to

monasteries and ashrams.

Other sign on for 

all sorts of spirituality 

seminars and series.

Yet others look 

to find God 

in books of inspiration.

Some soak in various 

sorts of meditation. 

Some seek out gurus.

(Some even read 

spirituality blogs!!!)

Actually, it's quit easy 

to find God, because

   God isn't lost.

Never has been.

God is omnipresent.

    God simply




    of all that


 God "IS" the 




 in which all

    that be




   Omnipresent God

 "is" everywhere we are, 

no matter where we are

geographically, relationally, 

spiritually, consciously.

God got there first.

  Spirituality certainly 

is about seeking, though.

That seeking is to see, to


  ourselves and all else

     already in God.

  Eugene Patterson

sighted God like this:

   God Plays in a 

 Thousand Places 

  (superb book).

Buddha so woke up 

to all this that 

his very name means 


you're already there.

    Here we are

soul sensing together

and reminding ourselves

to wake up to the marvel, 

the mystery of God 

in our right here.

For me right now that


is in The Meditation Garden

     where I live 

and is God ever here.

It's a glorious 

Fall afternoon.

Overhead the fluffed clouds

are majestic white ships

slowly sailing on a 

sea of clear blue.

All about are pallets

of autumn richness,

spirit stirred in gentile 

      air dance.

Waking in the park 

     a bit ago I 

   God Sighted.

Children were at play,

seniors were sunning,

workers were  lunching.

There were all sorts, 

shapes, ages and 

colorations of us. 

Everywhere I look 

is good, is God,

showing that yes

   God Plays in a 

Thousand Places

Shortly God will ring true

in the carillon concert

      from nearby

Washington National 


Yes, we find God 

in all our here's

as we awake

to the presence:

  - we are held in God 

    as we hold 

    a new born

  - we sweat God 

    as we cut the grass 

    for an elderly neighbor 

    down the street

  - we savor God 

    in a glass of wine

    (make that two)

    paired with apple and brie

  - we catch on to God 

    a bit more as we 

    research and study

  - we awake to wonder 

    in the passionate intimacy

    of God's embrace

    in mystical moments 

  - we sing God in 

    the harmony and power 

    of our hymns

  - we struggle God 

    as we seek to right

    the twisting of Truth 

    in our society

 - we experience God

   as we care for the 


   those suffering need,

   the life orb that is

   Mother Earth.

Whatever our age

and maturity,

we are children 

of the Universe 



Endlessly More,

awakening to

  God Playing in 

a Thousand Places

right here, right now.

What a 


In God's Dear Love,

       John Frank




       to all here 

       first time,

       many times,


   "frankly speaking"

spirituality for the street


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     Here's to a great week 

         finding ourselves 

           and all that 


             in God.