Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Dear All of Us,

So, how would it go

if we were 

to go out to work, or

go out to a social event, 

dressed with absolutely 

all our clothing 

        INSIDE OUT

underwear to jacket and hat?

Of course it just wouldn't be a


       at all, would it, 

     except for a hasty


     right back home,

voluntary or otherwise.

In our spiritual lives 

it's just the opposite.

       The "go" 

     the dynamic

     is decidedly


And we don't have 

to beat a hasty retreat 

to go home because 

we're already 

and appropriately 

right at home 

and ready from there 

      to be


This is more than 

a play on words.

      It's how 

   our spiritual 

    lives play 


God is our 


the core, 

the essence 

of who we are.

We "be" in BEING.

We live OUT 

that Goodness, 

that Godness.

A far away God 

doesn't have 

to come to us 

from the 


  God's already 

    "All IN"


   "In him 

    we live 

    and move 

    and have our 


    Acts 17:28

We are embers of 






    1 John 4:8


Our spiritual lives are 

a flaming outward 

of that intensity, 

ignited and igniting 

in creative Love.

That's who and 

how we are 

at our deepest 

and from there 

we are vigorously


Sadly, much religion goes 

the other way, it goes -


    In so doing it



     even does in 

a lot of healthy spirituality.

It sets separation 

between God and us.

It reads and routes 

our spiritual life 

with lots of distance:

    We're here.

 God's out there.

    In select 

moments and manners

God comes into 

our separated souls 

from that afar  -


That means we start 

and stay alone a lot.

This flaw in 

a lot of religion 

is the failure to see 

that God 



and holds us 

  in being,

energizing us 

    to be



Yes, at our center 

        we are 



We can bask in it.

That's what lovers do.

In the very best sense of it, 

we're hot, so hot that 

we are hot to trot,


to meet and meld into 


with all the other 

    embers of

of being and doing, 

embers of God's


   - flowers, babies, music, 

   - establishment of just

     social structures, 

   - ecological care,

   - romance and sex, 

   - philosophical insight, 

   - the hurt and the hurting

   - meditation and 


   - scientific research 

     and development,

   - good meals and wine, 

   - sacred scriptures, 

     drama, literature and art,

   - partnering and parenting, 

   - people on the check-out line

     to members of our

     spiritual community,

     happily and endlessly

     without end!!

Richard Rohr puts us right

by putting it like this:

  "God cannot be found 

        'out there'

  until God is first found

        'in here,'

   within ourselves,

     as Augustine

   had profoundly 


  in his Confessions 

   in many ways.

  Then we can 

  almost naturally 

      see God 

  in others and in 

  all creation too. (1)


Put another way,

it's essential to be 

right at home 




That starts in 

the habitation of self, 

    centered in 

 The Love Blaze 

   who is God.

The intensity of 

that Love Blaze

flames us forth 


in union, support 

and service because 

we are equally 

right at home 

in the habitations of

Creation all about us

in whatever condition 

we find it in: 

    people and place, 

    matter and spirit,

    need and hurt,

     gift and grace,

    expansive co-creation,

    redemptive reconciliation

We discover that 

what is at our center 

is the very same center 

and endless extension 

that is at the core 

of all that is about us in



We start from 

where we are 

and how we are -

God centered, 

loved to life, 

divinely intimate.

From there

  The Love Blaze 

  flames us forth


  in joyous union 


 passionate care,

no degree of separation 

from a distant God

or God's presence in


Hildegard of Bingin 

tells the tale:

  "Love abounds 

   in all things,

   excels from 

   the depths

   to beyond the stars,

   is lovingly disposed 

   to all things."

  "All living creatures 

   are sparks from 

   the radiation 

   of God's brilliance, 

   emerging from God 

   like the rays of the sun."


     Oh yes! 

 In God we are 

right at home, 

happily inside out

and endlessly


Love to us all

 John Frank


(1) Richard Rohr, 

     Eager To Love

  Franciscan Media, 

  Cincinnati, Ohio,

       2014, p.8  






For those of us 

who wish to 

reflect and pray 

more and deeper 

on the dynamic of 


please consider 

drawing from 

what is offered here.

It is comes from 

Hildegard of Bingin,

a medieval mystic.

She saw and spoke 

so dearly, 

so deeply

so clearly

of innerness 

and outerness -

the divine dynamic.


Over the coming week(s)

may The Spirit 

fill ours, drawing 

from her sharings.



      To Prepare

Calming to our center,

we slowly and deeply

breath in and out.

       IN: "Yah"

       OUT: Weh


 In Hebrew: Y-H-W-H 

       When ready, 


         Soul See 

a passage from Hildegard.

We let it speak and spark

rather than trying to master it.

The Spirit leads.


"Our souls should be like 

 transparent crystal

 through which 

 God can be perceived."



"O, You who are 

 ever giving life,

 moving all creatures,

 root of all things,

 washing them clean,

 wiping out their mistakes,

 healing their wounds.

 You are our true life,



 awakening the heart 

 from its ancient sleep."


"Humankind, full of 

 creative possibilities,

 is God's work.

 Humankind alone

 is called to assist God.

 Humankind is called 

 to co-create.

 With nature's help,

 humankind can 

 set into creation

 all that is necessary

 and life sustaining."


"Be not lax in celebrating.

 Be not lazy in the

 festive service of God.

 Be ablaze with enthusiasm.

 Let us be an alive, 

 burning offering 

 before the altar of God."


"The soul is kissed by God 

 in its innermost regions."


"God has arranged

 everything in the universe

 in consideration 

 of everything else."


"Holy Spirit, 

 the life that gives life.

 You are the cause 

 of all movement. 

 You are the breath 

 of all creatures.

 You are the salve 

 that purifies our souls.

 You are the ointment 

 that heals our wounds.

 You are the fire 

 that warms our hearts.

 You are the light 

 that guides our feet.

 Let all the world praise you."


"Humanity, take

 a good look 

at yourself.

Inside you, 

you've got 

heaven and earth, 

and all creation.

You're a world - 

everything is

hidden in you."


"I am the fiery life 

 of the essence of God.

 I am the flame above 

 the beauty in the fields;

 I shine in the waters

 I burn in the sun, 

 the moon, and the stars.

 And with the airy wind, 

 I quicken all things vitally

 by an unseen, 

 all-sustaining life."


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