Wednesday, May 25, 2022



Dear All of Us,

Jesus was born and 

Herod slaughtered children 

for miles around.

So it was.

So it is.

So it sadly will be.

Out on the streets of life

right here and right now

God is aborning,

God is coming alive,

in beautiful people, places, ways.

Jesus grew to invite all 

into the "kin-domain of God",

The Realm of Real,

The Community of Unity,

The People and Place of Peace,

The Experience of Co-Creation,

The Spirit of Love and Joy.

Out here on the streets of life

Herods are still slaughtering

for miles around - 

down the street at the schoolhouse,

down the street at the supermarket,

down the streets of Ukraine

and so many other streets of war,

down the street at the mosque,

at the movie house, the concert,

at the nightclub, the synagogue,

down the streets 

of democracy and decency,

of The Common Good,

down the streets of justice,

opportunity and equality,

down the streets of

clear, honest communication,

down the Wall Streets 

and the Streets of Governance,

down the streets of religion,

of marriage and family.

It's a Slaughterhouse.

We must live in it.

We can live in the 

Kin-domain of God.

Life is not hopeless.

Life is full of hurt.

That's how it is right now.

I am writing this 

Wednesday morning, 

May 25th.

I had another posting prepared

for this week.

Then the Schoolhouse Slaughter 

in Texas yesterday.

What do we do?

How do we react and respond?

I need time to calm up 

and pray on that.

But I just want to reach out 

to all of us as we face the horror

and remind, reheart, rehope  

us to also face the hope,

The Blessed Assurance 

we have.

Rather than get 

downed in depression,

it's time to Let Loose Love

and that big time.

Let's hold close all those families, 

all those school kids in Texas

in their trauma.

In our prayer let's hold close 

all the children across the land 

abused by fear 

of what might hurt them.

Let's pray for their parents 

as they search for ways 

to stabilize their children.

Let's pray and commit 

to more than changing gun laws.

Let's pray and commit to 


because what we face is

at core a Soul Sickness.

Modern day Herrods 

have poisoned the wells

in this land and all lands.

Let's seek souls willing

to chance life together in 

 The Kin-Domain of God

and bond and commit.

This is hastily written.

Please tolerate that.

But I want 

to connect and assure.

Time to post.

Time to hope. 

Time to dare Love.

My love to you all!

   John Frank


     frankly speaking

spirituality for the street



There is a fatal flaw

in the floor.

Changes laws won't fix it.

That comes after the