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          THAT'S THE SPIRIT!

   When the Feast of Pentecost came,

   they were all together in one place.

   Without warning there was a sound 

   like a strong wind, gale force - 

   no one could tell where it came from. 

   It filled the whole building.

   Then, like a wildfire, the Holy Spirit 

   spread through their ranks, 

   and they started speaking 

   in a number of different languages

   as the Spirit prompted them.

            Acts 2:1-4

          The Message



       Dear All of Us,

It's been a few weeks since

     Pentecost Sunday

      How did it go? 

         Was it 

   Spirit Baptism?

     Did we get 

     All Fired Up

     Blown Away

     Speak Easy?

        Did we

   Hit The Streets

 Sharing The Spirit?

    Sound pretty 

       far out  

 even outrageous

"Not the done thing"?

Well, actually it was 

         and is

   "The done thing"

We are being done into 

         all of it. 

It starts with

      Water Baptism

That's initiation.

It grows up to

       Spirit Baptism

The first is like a new car

with a great set 

of sparkplugs.

The second is like

 those sparkplugs 

    firing away,




Sparking individuals 




           Spirit Sharing

           Mystical Union

           Lived Love

           Outpouring Self





           Extravagant Giving

           Pulsating Co-Creation

           Refreshing Service

Put another way,

   Spirit Baptism


   Water Baptism 

       to a boil.

That first Pentecost 

was rather spectacular.

For most of us, though,


happens over time in

series of simple sparks.

       The Spirit

at our center gradually















        It's God, 

our Center and Source,


  in and through us.

     We "Get it"

     We "Give it"

There is a progression 

to it individually 

and as a community.

It surges through

our sensors,

our strengths,

our psyche, 

our very souls.

It is an ongoing,

outgoing intensity.

It manifests, 

warms, sparks

in endless ways 

    such as

  - smiling to folks 

    on the sidewalk

  - staying up all night 

    with a sick member 

    of the community

  - a simple life style 

    that allows for 

    generous financial sharing

    with the needy

  - volunteering our expertise

    at no cost

  - attentive listening 

  - wrapping the 

        left out 

        right into 

  our get togethers

  - cultivating cross-cultural 


  - interfaith collaborations

  - forgiving and loving 

    the hurtful

  - real community buy in -

    church and neighborhood

  - willing to be counter cultural 

    by living Jesus' way and word

  - giving preference to 

    The Common Good

  - being flagrantly generous

  - saying only the good things 

    people need to hear

  - congregations freely sharing

    facilities and endowments

    of location, space, funds

    in response to local 

    and beyond needs

  - living the peace and justice

    we wish for the world

  - reverencing the earth 

    and atmosphere 

  - liberally giving of our 

    time and talents

    where needed

  - bearing one another's burdens

  - praying alone and with others

  - "spotting" caregivers - 

    taking a shift, 

    offering relief and refreshment

  - personally, collectively and practically

    living out The Sermon on the Mount

  - our actions and reactions

      Spirit Speaking 

    in many tongues,

    energizing tongues 

        as of fire.

The more we open and accept

the more we are

    Surprised By The Spirit

            Oh yes!

  "He will baptize you with

  the Holy Spirit and fire."

          Luke 3:16

         John Frank


Should you care to consider 

a bit more,




      The Fruits of the Spirit

      How do we experience 

      and express them?

  "But the fruit of the Spirit is

   love, joy, peace, patience, 

   kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

   gentleness, self control..."

       Galatians 5:22-23

   The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

 Here, too, how do we experience 

 and express them?

      "The spirit of wisdom 

       and understanding,

       The spirit of counsel 

       and strength,

      The spirit of knowledge

      and the fear of the Lord..."

           Isaiah 11:2


   An Inviting Prayer

Spirit of the living God, 

  fall afresh on me

Spirit of the living God,

   fall afresh on me.

Melt me, mold me, 

fill me, use me.

Spirit of the living God,

fall afresh on me.

   David Iverson

 Prayer to the Holy Spirit

O Great Spirit

whose breath gives life 

to the world,

and whose voice is heard 

in the soft breeze:

We need your strength 

and wisdom.

Cause us to walk in beauty. 

Give us eyes ever to behold 

the red and purple sunset.

Make us wise so that 

we may understand

what you have taught us.

Help us learn the lessons 

you have hidden

in every leaf and rock.

Make us always ready 

to come to you

with clean hands 

and steady eyes,

so when life fades, 

like the fading sunset,

our spirits may come to you 

without shame.

       Kiowa Prayer

 para. by Libby Littlechief


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