Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Dear All of Us,

Hi there from here!

If you please,

two questions: 

- what is your favorite season 

  of the year?

- how do you like to season 

  food and drink?

        Seasoning X2


Is your morning coffee or tea  

solo or sweetened?

How about at dinner

with all the fine foods 

that fill our plates 

and tummies?

Seasoning with 

salt and pepper? 

How about horseradish, 

even chilly power?

Ever kick it up with 

Tabasco Sauce? 

Condiments condition.

Seasonings flavor.

They make a

decided difference.

Same so for the 

seasons of the year.

Each quite different,

making quit a difference -

indoors, outdoors, 

surfing or shoveling.

They condition, tone, 

flavor how daily life 

is served up.

Same such is such 

in our spiritual lives.

We go through 

four distinct seasons

and at the same time 

we experience contrasting 

soul seasonings.

Sometimes there is overlap.

All this makes for 

many more than 

Heinz's 57 varieties 

of flavoring in our

spiritual seasons 

and seasonings.


        Soul Spring

A warming brightness, 

budding newness. 

Sprung spirit free,

basking in euphoric promise.


    Soul Summer

Heats up for a time 

and the work 

of growth and fecundity.

All in with spirit sweat -

weed, water, cultivate -


       Soul Autumn  

Splendor and harvest, 

A Sung Mass of Thanksgiving.

Mellow maturity,

landscape of kaleidoscopic

beauty and produce.

     Soul Winter

Slow sabbatical 

for soul as for soil.

Freezing insistence on

innerness of habitation,

stilled centeredness,

plain quiet of spirit,

death to what was and 

germination for what will be.


Throughout these 

soul seasons 

there is a pantry full of 

spiritual seasonings - 

insight, aridity, grace,

inspiration, darkness,

expansion, deepening, sin,

chaos, confidence, consolation, 

doubt, faith.

Such seasonings sure do 

condition and flavor our

Soul Seasons

sweet to sour.

The seasons 

we don't get to choose.

Some of the seasonings 

we do get to choose.  

Many to most we don't.

So important to both 

understand and accept.

It's how things are 

at this point with us.

It's also how things are 

with others at 

their this point.

These seasons and seasonings 

condition not only 

our individual lives 

but also our shared living 

and interactions with others.

That makes for quite a mix.

For example, I am in 

the overlap of Soul Autumn 

and Soul Winter,

the richness of long living, 

the quiet of dying to that

and the geminating of next.

Some days are 

peppered with pain,

others sweet with 

peace and gratitude, 

and most of the time

the flavor of the week 

is simple, quiet waiting

in the is of now as it 

prepares to hand off 

to timeless forever.

Family and friends 

are otherwise

and other how -

different seasons 

and seasonings.

I need to be sensitive 

to that and them.

I am blessed when

they soul such me.

Whatever the 

context and conditioning,

in whatever season,

hot, cold, budding, fading,

tasting comfort or conflict,

and many bitter sweets

in-between, it comes to 

simply, fully, appropriate to 

season and seasoning,

loving God, neighbor and self

as we are, as they are, 

with all we've got.

That makes for seasons 

and seasonings of grace.

    God Love to All,

       John Frank



to so many who have shared

     frankly speaking

with so many others and 


to all new, occasional, regular

in our weekly sharings here.

We are from many lands and 

we are experiencing varied 

Soul Seasons and Seasonings.

A blessed mix.

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