Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Dear All of Us,

I'm retired, 

well, at least officially.

In the last five years

I preached the funeral service

for a darling dear friend

and baptized my much loved,

Spirit Sharing Grand Son.

That's it.

So, as far as churchy things go,

I am "Out of the loop."

And it doesn't stop there.

In my day I was

a competent "techie" - 

ditto copying, microfiche, 

(if you remember that one,

do be sure your will, 

power of attorney and 

medical directive 

are all up to date),

Xerox, email and texting.

At about seventy-five it was 

"No more already!!" 

I opted out of the loop.

I now count on my kids 

to navigate for me 

the spooky,

weird waves of 

apps for apps, media mania, 

changes changing changes,

so artificial as not to be 

all that intelligent!

When it comes to 

gigabytes I scratch.

When it comes to platforms, 

well happily I can still find 

the right one at train station.

Yep, "Out of the loop."

Of special interest to me 

in these days of difficulty, though,

are the topics and techniques 

that deal with trust.

I so hope all of us

will be full free

   In the Loop

because we live 

in a time 

when trust is out,

doubt and fear are in.

Folks are full of 


doubt each other,

fear for the future -

if we even get to have one.


There's train loads of 

not-one-bit mild mistrust of 

corporations, politicians, governments, 

the rule of law and its lack -

media, religion.

All this leaves so many 

of us naked to

thrashing turmoil

within and without.

If we can't trust, 

we fear we'll get trashed,

and we will!

So, is there a 

Trust Clause 

somewhere, somehow

accessible in all this,

one that really holds up


There sure is.

In the legal loop there is the

principle and practice 


  Good Faith.

In our spiritual lives 

we have that and way more. 

Available to us is a 

    Good Faith 

ever so much more 

pervasive, solid,

and dependable.

It is the reality, 

the principle, 

the potential 

and power of a 


  Good Faith

Sad to say, though, 

the word 


too often translates as

"Whistling in the dark" - 

at best it distracts but 

has no actual impact.

It's a placebo for the 

psychologically, intellectually,

emotionally weak kneed, 

a mythic rabbit's foot.

Such is the unfortunate folly

caused by the folks 

in the front office of

Corporate Religion.

   Heavy Headed

   Heavy Hearted 

   Heavy Handed

   Churchy Titans

    playing God

    about God,

dogmatizing to death, 

the death of lots of 

good peoples' faith.

They make faith 

a head trip,

a required assent

to tenants about God

that thy fashion

then deem divine. 

It's assent or be dammed.

They replace a faith that is 

   Love Lived Goodness

- one that never takes a day off- with

Man (yes, male mostly!) Made

mandates of their invention.

What a perversion.

It has run off generations 

of intelligent seekers,

and dulled billions more into 

     Dogma Religion

- affirm these tenants and 

  you are safe and saved.

It's a theology they devise 

and then canonize as divine.


For sure, theological study 

in its purity is a good thing, 

a help as St. Anselm said:

" Theology is faith

  seeking understanding."

It is, though, limited.

Theological understandings and 

statements are not faith.

They are human comments 

on our frail "figurings"

and slender experiences of 

the ineffable goodness

we call God.


Here's a wonderous key.

It unlocks so much more and better.

The word for faith in the Bible  

is most accurately translated not

as faith but as active, vigorous


         It is living 

        in and with 

      God Goodness

     and that with real,

    personal, practical 


A wimpy-weak analogy

is to take the confidence, 

the trust we have,

in the pilot when we fly.

We don't know or understand 

anything about her/him.

We do trust her/him enough

to stake our lives on her/his

competence and care.

Ramp that kind of trust up

      to living in a 

Limitless Loop of Love.

    That's Faith!

    That's Trust!

We don't/can't come 

intellectually close 

to understanding it.

Way better, 

we are integral,

solid and secure in

the lived experience of it,

The Limitless Loop of Love

that's center is everywhere 

and circumference is nowhere.

It's What Is, 







   And come to find out 

   it is not only benign,

   it is sheer, pulsating, 


        Love Making

        It is bedrock 


  and it does not fall out 

    from under us ever

        no matter 

 the intensity of trouble.

If Mother Earth 

is raped numb,

if the atmosphere 

is traumatized 

to death dealing,

if neo-fascists

grab governance,

if some sorry soul 

pushes the button 

and sets off global

nuclear incineration,

we will hurt terribly,

but we will not cease/stop.

We are indestructible.

We spring free forward

in the divine dynamic,

The Limitless Loop of Love.

That loop is so good it is God.

        "God is Love."

          1 John 4:8

      That's what "IS"

      We're already "in"

          "IN LOVE"

    We more and more 

         en - Trusrt 

 ourselves and all creation 

in the reality and power of it.

       This Love Loop

has no beginning, no end.

It's ever now, a swirl 

of creative energy,

a gyre of goodness,

God Goodness.

Faith is trust in it.

Faith is confidence 

that affirms and 

embraces it and 

our oneness 

in its Oneness.

For us, as for the people 

Jesus cured,

       "Your trust 

  has made you whole."


My Mom really, practically,

trustingly lived God Love.

When she was dying 

she teased about 

her meds making her mind

more and more Loopy.

At 1:30 in the morning 

she awoke, smiled and 

peacefully passed to next,

evermore and forever




She was completely



Now and then 

and for all whens,

we live by trust.

As Proverbs 3:4-5 in

   The Message 

       has it:

 " Trust God 

   from the bottom 

   of your heart; 

   don't try to 

   figure out everything 

   on your own.

   Listen to God's voice

   in everything you do,

   everywhere you go,

   he's the one who will

   keep you on tract." 

     Yes, keep you 

      In The Loop.

Happy to be "on tract"

     In The Loop

       with you.

      John Frank


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