Wednesday, September 28, 2022


             GREETINGS ALL

There seems to be a growing number 

of folks seeking our just past posting, 

             " IN THE LOOP "

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           Love being with you 

             " IN THE LOOP "


Dear All of Us,

Life sure is "a trip" -

one hell/heaven of "a trip".

And am I ever "trip'n" along.

As recently mentioned,

I am past mile marker 82. 

Moving right along.

Getting ever closer 

to the airport 

and take off for 

next and beyond.

In my right now,

tripping along,  

there's a lot to see 

of me and we

in both the rearview mirror

and out front.

What's ahead seems to be 

of two sorts.

There's something 

so blindingly 

bright right beautiful 

that I can't describe it, 

just rejoice at it.

Almost there!

Can't figure it.

Don't have to.

Don't want to.

It's limitlessly



It'll be so wonderful 

to finally get there


    Be That.

It's paired with a slowed, 

wider, fuller view 

of life's terrain 

out front and all about

in the here and now

as it actually is.

With eyes dimed by time

I see simple,

clearer than ever before 

in these many miled years.

The right now of Now

is laced with potential and peril.

A world of wonderful people

captive to a handful of

sick souls directing Evil Empire.

A mix.

Good will, talent, technology,

rich recourses of 

soil, soul and society

and those aplenty.

Domination of those good people

by polluted politics, 

massive misinformation,

fearing them into troubled tribes 

at dangerous odds.

The wrecking ball of selfishness 

demolishing the planet.

Nuclear incineration horridly possible.

Young couples "familying forth."

A pope who is truly a holy father.

College kids striving for

a degree of competence

and creativity.

The majority of people

living lives of simple goodness

yet struggling with anxiety,

many with grinding poverty 

and oppressive injustice.

Grassroots groups of 

spiritual vibrancy and 

supportive community.

A quest for justice

that actually wants to rebalance

society real and right.

A terrain of potential and peril.

What's in the rearview mirror

of my personal journey 

is so, so clear - 

even the dark parts.

     Going along 

I went along with God.

     Going along 

I did not go along with God.

I've been like the ancient Israelites

on their way to the Promised Land.

Sometimes I followed God 

as God manifested and led

even if so in somewhat mysterious, 

contemporary versions 

of pillars of fire and cloud.

Often, I didn't "get it" 

about God,

but did get direction, took it, 

and got on down the

    Road to Real.

Other times I split, went solo, 

fashioned my own ways and gods.

What a mess!

Detours, dead ends, disasters, 

ditches - did a lot of damage

trip'n on down Delusion Drive.

I share this 

in the hope 

we all will be wiser 

than I often wasn't

and will rejoice 

to be guided by

the wondrous mystery 


            is All

            is Good

            is God 

            as "is"

and follow the signals given

          as given.

    It takes humility

    to get steered right.

We don't get to decipher God

nor God's directions.

We do get to follow a

     Lover's Lead.

And we certainly can't fashion 

a god that is more than 

a mess that messes.

We're a Chosen People,

an Exodus People,

on a trip from 

potential to Promise.

And it's quite a trip.

Following the Lover's Lead signals 

right and real indeed.

Refusing the Lover's Lead

we end up nowhere fast,

messed up and messing up.

Lover's Leads 

are signaled in

sacred scriptures,

religious traditions,

trustworthy council,

Spirit filled community,

Spirit infused intuitions,

honest discernments,

seeing positive possibilities,

serving other's needs,

learning from pain,

noticing nature,

watching children play, 

being stilled to Center,

immersion in collective wisdom,

streaming in beauty,

open hearted meditation,

and these are just for starters.

Each and all are 

locations, moments

 along the way of

     Living Love

   "He said love 

    the Lord your God 

    with all your 

    passion and prayer and

    muscle and intelligence -

    and that you love 

    your neighbor as well 

    as you do yourself."

       Luke 10:27

      The Message 

What a way 

to get on down the

Road to Real.


Thanks for letting 

this little old man 

muse on a bit about 

trip'n on along.

I pray each 

and all of us 

have a good trip, 

a God Good Trip

from potential to Promise.

Traveling mercies. 

   John Frank


    Prayerful oneness and love

 - really the same beautiful thing -

   with our Jewish sisters and brothers

   during these High Holidays and a 

             Happy New Year


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