Wednesday, December 21, 2022




Dear All of Us,

Love doesn't wait 

for some sort of 

just fine time,

for some sort of 

just right setting,

to come alive.

Love is way 

too vigorous 

for that.

Love came alive 

two thousand years ago

in the midst of horrid 

corruption, chaos and conflict 

in occupied Israel.

Love is coming alive right now

in the midst of horrid

corruption, chaos, conflict

in our distressed time and place.

Love doesn't duck or defer.

Love is way too vigorous for that.

     Love aborned in Jesus.

     Love aborns in us.

        Thank God 


    Vigorous Lovers.

  It's so darn divine!!


          This was under 

       The Christmas Tree


            For: You 

            From: John Frank

                With Love

             Christmas 2022




Dreary dark

      inside out

Weary worn world

      wronged wronging

      chilled still unreal

Pain puzzled people

      long looking hope

      there then

      as here now

Look lowest for

      Hope Highest


Down backest of back streets

Down lonely lanes of 

       nobodies of no account

There through dreary dark


        Baby Sparked 

        Hope Highest

        wrong righted real

The Son in a ray human

        Flesh to flash fire free

Weary worn world warmed

            Son Bright

Look low

Look down lonely lanes of

           nobodies of no account

 Right there here now