Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Dear All of Us,

Now, I have a friend 

who can talk people into anything. 

He could sell folks the socks 

they've been wearing for a week

at twice what they paid for them

while the socks are still on their feet!

That's a feat not for me.

Yet, I want to talk us all 

into something way harder

and I sure don't know how.

         So, let's let 

         The Spirit 

         do the sell.


Here comes a spank'n brand

            New Year

Another shot at getting things 

          Bright Right

        A good time for

       a refresh, a reset.

  How's that for a lead into a

   A New Year's Resolution?

       Now the hard part.



resolution, refresh and reset 

              for our

             New Now

           is to actually, 


         really, radically,


       for sure and forever 

           "Give It UP"


  every bit and all of ourselves 





I said it!

Now, let's do it!

If we clutch what we think 

we are and have,

in no time 

time will rip them away.

We were created by

    Infinitely More 


    Infinitely More

     If we lighten 


    "Give It UP"


 The Infinitely More

 The Limitless Good


  we're wrapped in,

  God Good To Go.

The flip here is that this 


   is the opposite of 

   our fear of surrendering,

   our fear of losing,

   our fear of being had.

          When we 

         Give It Up 



     We lose illusion.

     We gain inclusion.


The word surrender says itself

           so ever well:

    (L) rendere = give back, return

    (L) sur = over

We "give back" 

we "hand over" to God 

who and how we are, 

what we have.

We Trade Up 

the starter kit

God gave us

at our beginning

rather than  

staying starter,

trying to go it 

on our own alone

and be hellishly 

isolated and minimal.

We accept the invitation

to union and fullness.

We embrace 

The Goodness

that embraced us 

into being.

It's a Love Wrap.

We are divinized!

"The sky is limitless."

It's like investing 

our little piggy bank

in Warren Buffet's portfolio,

and doing that 

times beyond number

over the span of our years.

Fully invested,

completely incorporated,

full folded in,

we do God's will 

God's way.

We're UP for it.

We're life enriched

and life enriching.

    The Wonderful Way

           of it all

         is shared 

       in the living 

         and the 

       Living Word 

        of Jesus. 

His Promised Present Spirit

  guides, energizes us


Every day, all day,



All ways.

          It's not

 "What would Jesus do?"


   what will Jesus do 

    in and through

us in our here and now?

   For us as for Paul:

   "I live now not I,

 but Christ lives in me."

    Galatians 2:20


May it be so for each of us.

May it be so for us 

gathered as church.

       "Give It Up"

     and UP we'll be.


       NEW NOW

     Your brother,

      John Frank



           Good Wishes



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