Wednesday, December 14, 2022


Dear All of Us,

You know what?

If I were preaching these days, 

I'd hurry up and give

a happy little sermon 

     - Come on now!   

       I'm short and I'm happy.

       My sermons can be too! -

a happy, little sermon about how 

God just can't sit still.

Yep, God is flat out

turned on and up,

too excited

to call a time out,

to sit it out a bit 

and chill.

God's having a ball.

We call it creation.

It never stops.

It just gets better and better. 

It's full torque, high frequency,

          a blessed blast.

God keeps finding wonderful ways 

             to share

     Who and How God is. 


            Speaking of 


          please pardon 

       a touch of theology.

              It's this.

     God is "IS" ness Itself  

        (ex -"IS"- tense)


      God "is" sharing it 

   widely, wildly, joyously, 

   imaginatively, variously,



    person, place, planet, 

       proton, protein,

   puppy to professional



  a presence and present 

            of the 

      LOVE and LIFE





On top of all these marvels

is the joy that God is no loner.

God wants company.

God wants us up front, in tight.

God wants us in on the 

     Swirl and Sway

         of it all.

We are a presence of God 

   that presences God

   and God's presents

        to others.

       God asks us 

to pray/play it forward.

      We've all got 

 varied and vigorous

   gifts and graces

 received from God

   to lavishly give 

      to others as

      God Gifts.

  They make God 

  clear, immediate -

Presence and Present. 

Everything about us 

      is in on it:

all our actions and reactions,

the way we walk and talk,

the way we cook and drive,

what we ware and 

how we share,

how we listen and 

how we respond,

how we bond and blend,

how we invest and divest,

how we react to privilege 

how we react to pain,

how we enliven,

how we pause and 

how we pray,

how we "all and everything."

We are invited to be a 

 Presence and Present 

        of God 

  "I live now not I, 

 but Christ lives in me."

   Galatians 2:20

"Serve one another 

with whatever gift 

each of you has received." 

      1 Perer 4:10

Each of us is one of a kind.

God wants to shine out 

from our centers

in all the hues and tones 

of our God given uniqueness.

That will vary as we mature 

and as our circumstances do.

There's a time to be out and about.

There's a time to be mellow mild.

A minor league metaphor:

We are like conduits 

through which the electricity,

the Grace, the Energy, 

the Goodness, 

the Power of God pulsates

energizing, empowering,


If you can stand it,

one more minor league 

metaphor, well ok,

a Little League one:

We let God be local -

   a personalized

Presence and Present

    through us.

             In a word

    -why didn't I think of this 

         in the first place?? -

wherever we are, however we are,

    God is busy being beautiful,

     being creative, a positive

        presence and present

            to that space.

God is a light that wants to shine 

      in us and through us

 "I am the light of the world."

             John 12:8

 "You are the light of the world"

           Matthew 5:14

Well, I'm not preaching these days,

but I sure am happy we could 

            Soul Huddle

              just now

   God's got lots to be and do

              for us


           through us -

         a truly divine

    Presence and Present

         Love to us all

         from here in 

       Washington, DC

         John Frank


A Spiritual Best Practice:

When we slow down,

Settle Center,

Soul Sense,

we survey the 

people and places,

ways and wonders 

by which God

presences and presents us.

We then do the same as we

      Soul Sense 

how God is present 

and presents to others

through us.

We let warm gratitude

flood our Centers.

We praise Goodness.

We pray for a lover's 

wide openness.

Let The Son shine!


It's a surprise 

and joy each week

to see that new folks from 

here, there and everywhere

join in with us here.



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