Wednesday, January 25, 2023


Dear All of Us,

Please be patient with me 

because that's just what 

I am right now - a


This is day eight of the flu,

and it's been a test of patience

for my caring spouse practitioner

and for me: dreadful,

incessant night coughing,

watery eyes, stuffed nose, sore throat,

my wife sleeping on a cot 

in another room,

sinus headache, Netty Pot

using up a box of tissues a day...

Will spare us all more of the more. 

I don't mean this

to be a Pity Party.

I do mean it to be 

a reminder, 

an example of 

the call to be 


and not just 

with the flu.

That call to patience 

has many reaches,

textures, tones and hues.

It is woven deep 

in the fiber

our spiritual lives.

God is love and 

Love is patient.

  1 John 4:8

  1 Corinthians  13:4

Patience is a lot 

wider, higher and deeper

than putting up with delays

and difficulties.

In its fullness being


is Love purring 

on all eight cylinders.

It means we accept that 

we are not God,

we don't set the clock,

we don't orchestrate reality

as it unfolds.

It does mean we are 

one with God

as God works things out

in seconds and in centuries,

in ways and means beyond 

our say or ken - things 

easy to hard,

understandable to unfathomable,

things as varied as

sexual passion to cancer pain,

or plain old garden variety flu.

It means being with

and feeling with other.

Patience, patient, passion 

all have the same root meaning

(L) passio - passing, being with,

moving along, sharing,

feeling with as that happens.

Most basically there's 

a Creation going on.

It's dynamic and progressive.

Given sin and chaos, 

there is also a 

Recreation going on.

Letting God hold us 

close in on all this,

be part of it,

be active in it,

to feel it,

means in and with God 

being passionately


- in traffic

- as a church renews

- as bratty representatives

  act out in The House

- mourning with 

  a grieving colleague

- as we face our nation's fatal flaw

  and die to its racism

- with a child who straggles 

  to grow up and groove in

- with ourselves as we outgrow

  our false selves

- when supper is cold by the time

  it gets to the table

- when our soul is arid,

- when it is in a 

  Springtime of freshness

- with the aged infirm

One with and feelingly so.

May we all go deep in patience,

feeling, moving and being moved

    in action and reaction 

       one with God 

  as things are worked out.


       "By your patience 

    you will gain your lives."


            Luke 21:19

   "So let us not allow ourselves

    to get fatigued doing good.

    At the right time we will harvest

    a good crop if we

    don't give up, or quit."

           Galatians 6:9

           The Message

This week's posting is not 

all that well worked out.

It's the best I can offer just now. 

       Thanks for being so 


           John Frank



 to our visitors this week 

          from Israel.

 So good to be together.


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