Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Dear All of Us,

Thrift Stores are a bargain for sure.
About half of what I wear 
someone else broke in for me.
As a pastor, my Wedding/Funeral Suit 
came from a church thrift shop.
It was a dark blue Seville Row pinstripe 
in mint condition.
I got it for $5.00 years ago.
Many of the books in my library 
were cracked open 
for me by someone else.
That was how I got 
the leather-bound set of
The Great Books.
They were in perfect condition 
and came complete with bookcase.
There they were at a
Ladies’ Aid Rummage Sale and
happy to go home with me 
for a mere $50.00.
Thrifting is the way to go.
There are real “finds” everywhere.

Among my most treasured "finds" are 
a collection of wisdom sayings and insights.
Again, I am the beneficiary of others,
in this case not their clothes or books,
but their pain, their joy, their growing,
their freeing into Fullness.
All it costs me is attentive reflection.
What a bargain!

Rather regularly 
some of these treasures
are shared here.
They are ours for reflection.
Over time and slowly
let's caress them 
with quiet openness. 
Let them be prompts 
for a journey at once into
Spirit Deepest, Spirit Highest
as we slowly savor them 
in daily meditation and prayer. 

Happy to go “Thrifting” with you.
          John Frank


You are not just the drop in the ocean.
You are the mighty ocean in a drop.

Soul Scope:
        Talk about "Oneness!"
        Wonder of wonders,
        we get to be awash 
        in the Ocean of All.
        What does it mean 
        to sense that we each 
        are a drop in the ocean
        and the mighty ocean in a drop?

I understand that Mozart 
just listened 
and wrote what he heard.
In a sense,
Mozart was made of music.
I wonder if we are like that 
and just don’t know it.
Are we all made 
of music we don’t hear?
Made of words we don’t write?
Do we have images within us 
we never form with our hands?
Is the genius simply the person 
who is able to let the beauty 
flow through him or her 
onto the page, into the clay, 
onto the canvas?
The one born knowing 
how to get out of its way?
There is the beauty everywhere, 
all around us, 
surrounding each of us,
and do most of us live entire lives
never feeling it course through us 
and out into the world?
          Barbara Crafton

Soul Scope
        We are divine at our core. 
        Let's listen and look.
        How can we get out of the way
        and let God's beauty in us flow forth?
        What are the tones and hues 
        of God's vibrancy in us?

Prayer Pause:
       "Where your treasure is, 
         there your heart will also be."
                Mathew 6:21

Soul Scope:
         In The Spirit let's 
         honestly, prayerfully, 
         candidly and completely
         see and say
         our top ten "treasures",
         whomever, whatever, however 
         they are.
         Then in The Spirit let's see and say 
         what those "treasures" say about 
         what we are all about at heart just now.


Thanks to all who are 
spreading word about
  "frankly speaking"
by sharing with others 
through personal word
and by reference 
on their social media.
It's the main way 
we connect 
with new people here.
Your help is just that 
and greatly appreciated.


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             Holding us all in All,
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                John Frank