Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Dear All of Us,

Around here in DC

lots of folks had yard signs

thanking First Responders 

during the worst of the pandemic.

Those First Responders  

are just plain old GREAT!!

My family and I vouch for that.

First Responders came to our rescue

when we had an emergency.

They were all in on our behalf -

close, caring, giving.

They responded by 

vigorous God Love 

at a vulnerable time 

and did so in 

a most practical way.

It's no stretch to say that 

living a vigorous spiritual life 

makes us all first responders,

and that in all sorts of ways -

responding to receiving God Love,

responding to giving God Love

Pardon my French, 

well no, my Latin.

       re = again and again

       spondere = answering.

In our spiritual living


    is how we answer

          God Love

with our lived reaction 


It may be a request that 

we share God Love.

It may be an opportunity 

to be gifted by God Love.

Our response could be to

     people, place, occurrence,

     peril or potential,

     need, nature 

     or opportunity.

       Portals to 

The Love That Is God

open all across daily life.

We answer, we respond

to Love Received,

to Love Given:

 - deep and sincere listening to another

 - looking out for those 

   others fail/choose not to notice

 - lending a hand or a buck

 - truth telling

 - stretching for Earth Care

 - taking a stand and the hits

   for social justice,

 - making a marriage,

 - raising kids,

 - taking an elderly person

   for a ride in the country,

- bringing dinners to a couple 

  who just had a baby

- being patient with a pest,

- working for community,

- warming to God Love in

  a glorious sunset,

- letting God make love to us

  in intimate prayer,

- singing our soul out in the shower,

- taking a hike in God's outdoors,

- going all nine yards with loved ones,

- soul sees of sacred writings,

- just plan having a time with 

  our first favored dinner

           Shrimp scampi 

     highly recommended!!

- coaching kids in sports and academics,

- getting lifted to the heights 

  listening to "O Blessed Spring"

  sung by The National Lutheran Choir

             (It's online),

- seeing God in all that is -

  a life of active contemplation.

- stilling for spiritual showing.


            calls for 

       receiving, giving

      generosity, sensitivity, 

      openness, wisdom

How most lovingly 

do we answer - respondere?

It seems to come down and up to

wisdom and largeness in living,

receiving God Love,

giving God Love,

our living our answer, our 



        God Good

God infused flowing forth.

       John Frank


       For Prayerful Pondering 

         A Little At A Time

        Build a longer table, 

        not a higher wall.

Soul response:

         Is there always room for more at the table,

         or is there a quota that walls off and out?

         - relatives, neighbors, the needy and left outs,

           at work, at religious community, in our social circle 

           and our nation?

          How much do we host a communion table

          in the way we welcome people of differing colors,

          political persuasions, religious, cultural, 

          ethnic, sexual orientations, social and 

          economic standing?

          What's our Response - our lived answer?

Prayer Pause:

          "For with the judgement you make

           you will be judged, 

           and the measure you give 

           will be the measure you get."


                      Matthew 7:2

Soul Response

            It's not at all a spiritual tit for tat,

            do this you get that.

            It is being really, fully open,

            responding to gift given, 

            responding to need manifest

            a free flow of grace

            to us, through us, from us -

            a God "forthing".

                What "Plaque" can obstruct the flow

           in, threw, forth?

           How wide open are we in practice?


          We look at our living.

          It's our answer to God Good, 

          It' our


                  John Frank


                   A Warm Welcome 

                   to first timers.

                   Great to be with you.

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The birthing of these blogs

is always a labor of love.

The delivery is sometimes

relatively smooth,

other times quite difficult.

So such the later this delivery.

Days of reflection and prayer 

and nothing coming forth.

As always the prayer and

question is what will 

 "clarify and encourage"

us in our spiritual lives?

This Monday morning

at Coffee Prayer 

just more nothing.

Guess I'll have to do chores,

read and study instead of writing.