Wednesday, November 30, 2022



Dear All of Us,

Some random reflections.

Let's pray - muse together,

no hurry, prayerful pondering,

    open to free, freeing

          Spirit Sight.


Doctrines, dogmas, 

creeds, catechisms

tell us what to see.

Mysticism shows 

us how to see.

Doctrines, dogmas,

creeds, catechisms

are somebody's 

frozen concepts

about what is -

idea knowing.

Mysticism is

participation in

what is -

a lived, 

dynamic knowing.

Sex manuals tell us 

about love making.

Love making 

is getting lost

in love -

a dynamic,  

love lived knowing


Mysticism is 

getting lost in

  The Love 

 That Is God

 right where 

   we are, 

  as we are 

bills, dishes, job, 

relatives, talents, 


gifts and graces,

"Sweet Sweaty Real"

 lost in living Love - 

   "God is love."

    1 John 4:8


Love is being present to 

the innermost of the other. 

Relating surface to surface

is limited, limiting and lonely.

Relating center to center

is unitive, intimate -

altogether divine.


   "Abide in me 

 as I abide in you."

     John 15: 4


We pray with 

words and ideas 

to get started.

They are like 

a booster rocket.

Once in orbit,

words and ideas

drop off

in favor of 

the vastness of

Spirit Space.


Creation is the 

passionate evolution, 

the joyous unfolding 

of Love Intoxicated



I'm not sure of who said it,

I am sure of what was said:

the second coming is 

the rest of history.


Expanding Consciousness

As Mother God nurtures us,

grows us fuller and freer,

we see and sense 

more and more 

the wonders 

of our home

here in Creation.

Just a bit ago

we reckoned there were 

six stars in the galaxy 

for each one of us.

Now we know there are 

at least six galaxies

for each one of us. 

As my year and a half old 

Grand Son, Ollie the Younger, 



Wonder to behold.

Wonder to be held.


Thanks for letting me share. 

These reflections are freely,

 and I pray freeingly, 


There is nothing random, 


about my love for you.

     It's centered, 

  deep and constant.

     Your Brother

      John Frank


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  Like so many of us,

I am deeply grateful for 

      Richard Rohr.

    Over the years 

I have enjoyed and valued 

       a number of 

personal contacts with him.

His insights and sharings

have often been the stimulus

for my reflection and sharing here.

Just this week the lead pierce 

about mysticism is an example.

Richard has stepped back 

from leadership at the 

      The Center for 

Action and Contemplation

due to age and health.

Let's hold him in love and prayer.

A little note of care and support

sure would be a blessed gift

and lift.

          Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM

The Center For Action And Contemplation

      1705 Five Points Road, SW

      Albuquerque, NM 87105


      Looking forward 

  to seeing you next week.