Wednesday, June 1, 2022



Dear All of Us,

A sweetheart sours.

The job goes south.

A Mix Master Mid-Life.

Friendship flame out

Values fog and fail.

"It's terminal."

Trust betrayed.

Finances fold.

Deep Dark Soul Night.

In short, a short out,

   Power Outage

They're real and 

they're really horrid!

The first followers of Jesus 

    suffered a massive 

       power outage.

Completely in the dark.

Jesus was gone.

An era had ended.

Direction, security, 

clarity tanked.

Stalled still.

The best they could do 

they did do.

Hiding out together,

they trusted Jesus' promise of 

       The Spirit

not having a clue as to

what that meant 

or would be like.

They stuck together,

they prayed together.

Out of the clear blue

into their pitch black

 Windswept Rush

 Flamed Intensity

   Spirit Surge

Jolted Fear Freed

Tongues Spirit Speak


  To the streets

  Power Surge


These days are

  Dark Nights

 Pitched Black

 Global Power Outages.

A Cold War threatening. 

Hot Wars boiling over, scalding.

Despot dictators in the wings

ready to rule us to ruin.

Rights wronged.

Road Rages crashing across

lanes of shared life and civility.

Billionaire baby boys at the

controls of communication.

Societal prostitutes

perverting patriotism.

A few mad moods and motions

from nuclear devastation.

Spirit striped churches. 

Truth "falsed".

Endowment of earth and air


Gun Downs abound.

For all our efforts


Fear filled people.

In our darkness

In our stuck still,

time to trust 

the promise of 

   The Spirit 

whatever that will be like 

and will mean in our time.


    to stick together,

    to wait,

    to trust,

    to pray together. 

       Not sort of

   Not sometimes.

   Actually, really,

      now, fully.

 Politics, planning, 


not powerful enough.


  Sticking together 

      We Pray:

      Oh God,

   We ask your

 Windswept Rush

 Flamed Intensity

  Spirit Surge

 Sparking Spirit

   Jolt us anew.

    As you will, 

      We will.

Sparking Spirit

 Pentecost Us.


Trusting and waiting 

and praying with 

all of us,

      John Frank


There will be the inclination,

actually the temptation,

to blow off the above

as not practical enough,

not do-able, too spacey,

"too spiritual"

We cave at our peril.

The first followers of Jesus

knew they were stuck, 

lost, powerless.

Until we admit 

that's how we are, 

we have no way forward - 

we just compound darkness.

In their fear those 

first followers of Jesus

took him at his word 

and trusted for 

they knew not what 

the promised Spirit was 

or would do.

And look what 

came upon them 

and did through them.

They stuck together,

trusted and prayed.

      Now Us.


       frankly speaking

 (and it sure is this week!!)

  spirituality for the street


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 Again, may we trust, 

find some others with whom 

to stick and to pray with 

as we wait for how 

The Spirit will be 

and do with us.