Wednesday, January 4, 2023


Dear All of Us,

After the holidays,

moving back into our 

now normal abnormal,

returning to work or school, 

at church, the synagogue, 

the mosque, the coffee shop, 

the supermarket, it's often

"So, how were the holidays?"

Well, you didn't ask, 

but I sure as heck hope

you'll let me tell you about

our family's holidays. 

In a word, 


In two words, a


My son-in-love came down, 

really down, with COVID.

A few days later my daughter

more mildly so, but

handicapped in care 

of spouse and out of school, 

vigorously active and yet 

clingy toddler son, Ollie.

It gets thicker!!

Ollie then tests positive

and that was a big time 


for him and all the rest 

of his family.

It meant the worse part 

of a whole week with 

stung out symptom starts

and consequent strung out 

quarantine times.

This when all were 

fully vaxed/boosted!


Forget Channukah 

get togethers,

forget Christmas 

at church,

forget a week plus off 

for leisure and outings,

forget getting together 

for New Years 


the whole extended family

had been together the days 

before all this started.

Every last one exposed.

So, testing every morning,

wonder/worry that others 

would negatively be positive,

the whole family 

cloistered in place,


Down but not out.


We rescheduled the holidays.

We defaulted to our own

      Movable Feasts



       New Years

  TBA in the new year.

It won't be as early 

in the new year

as we hoped after Ollie got sick.

Yet another daughter 

came down with COVID 

midway between 

"Calander Christmas"

and New Year's Day.

For us both Christmas 

and New Years so far 

are four times over 

Moveable Feasts.

What we are dealing with

is what we all deal with

across the span of our days.

We make plans, 

we set dates 

and then life happens.

    So much of

our spiritual living

     is such so.

     It is more

  Movable Feasts


set, solid and stable

any and everythings.

The Buddhists are out front

with the awareness

that there is no such thing as


Physicists and astronomers

are catching on that 

all is relational flow.

Mystics in their own ways 

see and say that 

The Being we call God

is constant Communion,

giving and receiving,

more an active verb

than a stone set noun.

That's the Christian sense 

of Trinity.

Our spiritual living

plunges us into the 

     Spirit Flow

    It's dynamic, 




  cascading forth

     in creative

     God Love.

It seems The Spirit 

doesn't know the word

      or fiction 


We do.

We do well to undo.

In our tentativeness,

in our desire to stabilize,

set in safe cement,

to control and direct,

we often worship 

a faux god 

of our own making

and end up upended.

It's a no go when 

we try to damn up 

the dynamic of 

    The Spirit

        in a 

pool of predictable

safety and security.

    The Spirit

will have none of it.

Too darn delighted 


marvel upon marvel, 

 creating boundless

  good and beauty

and flow filling the gaps  

evils have as stirred, 

way too dynamic 

 to take an early retirement

and spend forever 

playing penuckle and

collecting coupons for 

Early Bird Specials.

Hum, wonder if perhaps  

Dante would care to use  

that imagery in his

 next edition of

   The Inferno


The name of the game 



Our bodies change, 

our consciousness, 

our evaluations, 

our relationships,

our circumstances,

our experiences,

our opportunities, 

our challenges,

our gifts and graces,

our spiritual maturing,

our religious practices,




 all and every 

    in flux,

 in Spirit Flow. 

To be current

is to be in free flow.

We are invited 

to forth flow from 

the birth channel 

    to being 

death channeled

    into the 

Ocean of Surprise, 

the one with 

    no bottom 

    no boundary

joyously immersed 



    Limitless Love

Between birth and death 


    sometimes as 

expected and planned,

    more often as 

    shift and adjust. 

Both/And it's 

the mystery of

 Flow Go Grow

When we or others

try to block

The Spirit Flow

it sets up whirlpools

of pain and chaos.

Damming is damming.

It hurts.

     The Spirit 

isn't stopped, though,

and we don't have 

to be either.

It can make for 

a rough ride,

a smooth ride.

Either/Both Ways 


  The Spirit 

     it's a 

  go get on.

 A Best Practice

in our spiritual living is

lighten up,

loosening up,

flow freely in

smooth or rough 

waters and times.,

flex for fullness, 

even if it means

Moveable Feasts  


movable much else.

So come on over

      for our

   date delayed



   New Years


 "the creek don't rise."

If it does we'll just flow

    to another

 Moveable Feast.

Your Flow Go Brother,

     John Frank


    Just remembered this:

    "No man steps in 

    the same river twice, 

    for it is not 

    the same river

    and he is not 

    the same man." 



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    You are welcome and 

    a welcome blessing.

    See you next week


         The Spirit 

          so flows.

          Love to all.