Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Sometimes these blogs

         need a 


         even a 


This one sure does.

This week I set out 

 to tell a tale about


It's a great little story.

It's a true story. 

Names were adjusted 

to protect the innocent 

and the not so innocent 

for that matter.

Well, truth to tell,

I got carried away

with setting up things 

about truth 

and its abuse 

in our body politic

just now

- occupational hazard.

Ended up with a full piece on 

"No matter how beat-up

 truth gets it always wins


here's how to live 

good and clean and real

in the middle of the mess."

That sure is 

run-on sentence about

about a run-on blog.

It's occasioned by our current

      plight public 

      bedrock truth 

      politically undermined 

      and trashed.

Some of the imagery 

is blunt and graphic.

So, please be forewarned

and I pray, 

open to some strong 

Truth Telling.

Hope you'll be expansive. 

and prayerfully mull 

all this over. 

But, if you're in a hurry,

    just skip down to



     Hey, thanks for 

     the indulgence

 (By the way, everyone

  who reads this week's 

  entire posting gets 

  40 days off their 

  Purgatory Stint 

  for their indulgence).

      John Frank


Dear All of Us,

It's news to none,

nor new to comment here.

Things are pretty 

messy and miserable

with the body politic these days.

Lots of us are tempted to give up.

Lots more already have.

Governance is up for grabs.

And what a grabbing and grouping.

Prurient politics.

Truth and justice fondled foul.

Truth and justice perverted.

Truth and justice raped.

Much too many standby,

passively inert, immorally tolerant.

And all this debasement

right out in the open,

right in front of the children,

all over the media.

Were it sexual, the predators 

would be run out of town, 

locked up for a long time.

We're a lot more moral about 

sex abuse than abuse of the

body politic and of truth.

Instead, those predators 

room free,

groom the public,

feel them up, 

bed them foul - 

pure truth and justice

losing their virtuous freshness.

Yah, pretty messy and miserable.

In this mad, mad world 

it's "alternate facts" on steroids.

Truth is twisted hideous,

justice jettisoned out of play.

Violence from the mouth

and in the streets.






are the coins of this

  Realm Unreal.

                    Yet we

          Don't Give Up

Truth and its twin justice will win.

It may mean a lot of time and misery, 

but they always do.

Reference Hitler and the Third Reich.

Truth is our substratum - solid.

Truth is reality.

Truth triumphs.

Truth is what is as is.


I'm eighty-three and old. 


If someone twists that to insist 

I am twenty-three and spry

      (Spare me, O Lord)

or that I am ninety-three 

and nearly comatose

      (Spare me, O Lord)

         it just ain't so!

In all truth I am 

eighty three and old

       (Thank you, O Lord).

Truth is what is as is.

It is not malleable,

so, help us God!

Speaking of God, let's.

Better yet, let's hear

  The Truth Teller


what's eventually 

         a go 


what's eventually 

     a gonner.

"Here are six things God hates, 

 and one more that 

    he loathes with a passion:

  eyes that are arrogant,

  a tongue that lies, 

  hands that murder the innocent,

  a heart that hatches evil plots,

  feet that race down a wicked track,

  a mouth that lies under oath,

  a troublemaker in the family.      

        Proverbs 6:16-19

           The Message

Now there's some 

staunch, straight 

   Truth Telling

Quite applicable just now.

God's no pussycat.

God's straight and strong.

True on.

So, if it ain't good with God

it has a terminal future.

It won't make 

the cut for eternity.

Today's political pit-bulls 

don't know principle.

They and their fouling up  

don't have a future.

We can.

     Don't Give Up

What we do is face up to 

the falseness and filth 

corrupting the body politic,

and we do way more 

than one better.

We live real in the midst of

the satanically unreal.

We live Jesus in community,

the togetherness that is 

the Kingdom of God.

 "Fear not little flock, for it is 

  your Father's good pleasure

  to give you the kingdom."

             Luke 12:32

"If you stick with this, 

 living out what I tell you, 

 you are my disciples for sure. 

 Then you will experience 

 for yourselves the truth, 

 and the truth will free you."

       John 8: 31-32

       The Message

Now there's a way to go,

a way to go good and true.

Stick with the game plan,

the companionship, 

experience and teaching 

of Jesus and the truth will free.

         DON"T GIVE UP

As it turns out Jesus is 

the embodiment,

the personalizing of truth:

 "I am the way,

  the truth and 

  the life." 

  John 14:6

No matter how 

messy and miserable

prurient politics gets,

how horrible the abuse 

       of truth 


The Common Good

  The Body Politic,

      in Jesus 

     we have a



       Shared as 


  We Don't Give Up





It was pricey and 

more than well worth it.

Just a dozen in the private,

Park Avenue studio kitchen of 

Chef MaryAnne Loff.

Five days of excellence.

Instruction, demonstration,

hands on with the culinary arts.

Chef MaryAnne

of TV and cookbook fame,

personable and gracious,

offered a masterful class.

Each participant had 

space and all they needed

right down to clipboard 

complete with studio stationary. 

Edith from Milwaukee 

owned a cookware store. 

Edith filched some of 

Chef MaryAnne's stationary.

When home she scripted

an effusive recommendation

of herself and signed it

  Chef MaryAnne Loff.

Edith then took it to be framed.

She couldn't wait to place it 

prominent in her store.

Unknown to her 

the framer spilled coffee

on the letter.

He sent it to Chef MaryAnne

explaining his plight and 

asked if she would rewrite it 

sending it back to him

with not a word to Edith.

Chef MaryAnne complied 

with a twist.

She wrote a humorous, snarky,

less than stallar

recommendation of Edith.

Finally framed, Edith hurriedly hung 

the letter in her store

assuming it was the original.

It was down and trashed 

in less than a day.

A customer breaking into laughter 

when reading the framed letter

was the tip off - off for sure!

        One way or another

          Truth Triumphs





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