Wednesday, August 30, 2023




It's said that confession 

is good for the soul and it is.

That doesn't make it easy, though.

So, here's my confession anyway.

This week's blog 

is right out of my wrong

the other day.

I know of what I write here.

I lost it big time and 

didn't keep it to myself.

There was collateral damage.

Oh Lord, be merciful 

to me a sinner.

Oh Lord, thank you 

for putting all the pieces 

of this Humpty Dumpty 

together again,

centering me in your 


 John Quite Frank


         Dear All of Us, 

Sometimes we just can't cope.

     People and problems,

       self and situation, 

       are way too much.

             We go 


  Our manner and behavior 

         are plain out 

       "For the birds!"

   More than feathers fly. 


   We are jarred, off key, 

ticked, out of sorts, flipped,

   not nice to be around.

       We've lost it.

    We can't handle.

Coping, composure, calm

are out of the question, 

       out of reach. 

     Seems we just 

"Don't have a prayer."

Well, actually we do.


God, grant me the serenity

to accept the people I can't change,

which is pretty much everyone,

since I'm clearly not you, God.

At least the last time I checked.

And while you're at it, God,

please give me the courage 

to change what I need to change 

about myself, which is frankly a lot, 

since, once again, I'm not perfect.

It's better for me to focus on 

changing myself than to worry about 

changing other people, who, 

as you'll no doubt remember me saying,

I can't change anyway.

Finally, give me the wisdom 

to just shut up 

whenever I think that 

I'm clearly smarter

than everyone else in the room,

that no one knows 

what they're talking about

except me, 

or that I alone 

have all the answers.

Basically, God, 

grant me the wisdom

to remember that 

I'm not you.



Thanks to the folks at 

    America| Media

  for this praying us  



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We're in for a special surprise

           next week.

In the words of Jackie Gleason's

         Ralph Cranston

       "How sweet it is!!"

 (Yah, it's a generational thing

         but hey, those 

Saturday Nights Really Were Live!!)

Anyway, just wait til you see!!

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I'm not sure just 

how to say this, 

so I'll just say it 

straight out and

that right from my heart.

This week more than 

five hundred of us 

together here at 

frankly speaking

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    That's not 

 at all important 

   as a statistic.

It is wildly wonderful 

          as a


     Thank You 

Sisters and Brothers



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Here in the USA this week

it is Labor Day Celebration .

Blessings on all as we labor

here, there, and everywhere.

   "Laborare Est Orare"

   "To Work Is To Pray"

       St. Benedict





"Don't fret or worry. 

Instead of worrying, pray. 

Let petitions and praises 

shape your worries into prayer, 

letting God know your concerns. 

Before you know it, 

a sense of God's wholeness,

everything coming together 

for good, will come 

and settle you down. 

It's wonderful what happens 

when Christ displaces worry 

at the center of your life.   

        Philippians 4:4-7

         The Message

When we are upset, 

how do we get 

set back up again?

What's our "go to"?

What do we make/take 

of what Paul presents above 

about getting above our downs?

A top spins only if 

well centered.

When we spin out,

will we let Christ 

displace worry

" the center 

of your life",

be the center 

of our life??

Are we willing to shape 

our worries into prayer,

letting God know 

our concerns?

When we're undone, 

pieces of us all 

over the place,

we are invited 

to blow it all off to God

and let God center us,

put the pieces 

together again, so that 

"a sense of God's wholeness,

everything coming together for good,

will come and settle you down."

            Beats Prozac!!


        Praying us all

        God Centered

        Soul Serene


    See you next week.

        Love to all,

        John Frank





 I pray us all


   See you next week.

        Love to all

       John Frank