Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Dear All of Us,

In my younger years 

there was the quip that 

The New York Times published

  "All the News That's Fit to Print" 

and tabloid, The New York Daily News, 

published all the news that would fit. 

Well, now at the other 

and far end of my earth stay, 

I hope from time to time to 

share here selected jottings 

from a legacy work 

I am currently developing. 

It is entitled END NOTES.  

I sure hope they are fit to print. 

They come from one old man's 

spiritual road trip - straight aways, 

dead ends, spin outs and find outs. 

What is shared certainly 

isn't normative. 

It's reflective. 

It is what it is as it is.

May it a bit or more

clarify, inform, caution, 

encourage and support 

your spiritual road trip out here on 

the street of everyday life.

What follows are 

the first two entries. 

I'd be grateful to hear back your take.






              END NOTES

Well, and may it be so, here goes!

A lot of time and soul 

has gone into beginning this - 

musing, praying, thinking, 

wondering, waiting, taking counsel.

The teacher, pastor, parent, 

counsellor, elder in me urges here.

Hopefully The Spirit as well,

 and if so, well it will be.


     some "notes" 

     at the "end" 

   of my earth life.

May it end on a good note.

May these notes contribute to that.

There is a why and a what to this.

I share here in the hope that

a little of this may clarify and encourage 

as others go about the living of their days.

I do not know all that much.

I do know some.

Here is some of some.

It comes propelled by love.

Having lived 

eighty-three years thus far, 

so, so much has happened.

Some wonderful.

Some terrible.

Most somewhere in-between:  

up and down and all around, 

real, unreal, genuine, 

phony, right, wrong, good, bad, 

holy, sinful, spot on, off center.

May my minuses and pluses 

shared here tally up 

to clarify and encourage 


Two last notes about these notes.

I am as honest as 

I know how these days.

What's here is 

unvarnished, unbleached.

Always I've had to tame my words 

to the tolerance level of institution 

and the people in it. 

That's how it is 

when one goes public 

and take a salary for it.

Sometimes that's prudent. 

Sometimes that's cowardly

Here now, this is as it is with me. 

It's personal and I pray pure.


There is one caveat. 

Nothing is shared here 

that violates another's privacy. 

Like all of us I have had 

relationships galore, 

close to casual. 

Most of them have been

a blessing. 

Some not so. 

Some ended gently, some painfully.

Some continue to this day. 

I share here the me of those, 

never the other of them.

I confess to being blessed 

and being a blessing.

I confess to just the opposite. 

Others have helped me. 

Others have hurt me. 

I have helped others. 

I have hurt others.

Gratitude for good.

Sorrow and repentance 

for the not good. 

As our Jewish friends say, 

"Enough already."


Let's begin with 

the beginning and with the end.

Actually there are none such.

There is 

           Always Just Now

           Simple Oneness.

Sure, from our limited vantage 

there are the bookends

of beginning and end.

The Alpha and The Omega.

Isaiah and John word their talk 

about it that way.

They accommodate 

our limit and linear think.

Our motion and measurement 

are an immediacy within 

the expanse of Infinity's

         Always Just Now

         Simple Oneness

They are like steps in a vigorous 

           Divine Dance.

They are a dynamic of the Whole, 

              of the 

          Whole Now.

Isaiah, John, multitudes 

and measurements more, 

give us a beginning and end 

that usher us into 

the timeless Now that has none.

They are good as far as they go.

Happily, it goes infinitely more.

Non-Started, Non-Stopping.

Simple Oneness.

Right Now Always.

All of which is to reference 

in our limited way


we sense and see, 

in which we find 

ourselves and all else,





Jesus, Buddha, mystics many, 

          urge us to 


We don't discover God. 

We wake up to God.

That goes for us 

as persons and as a people.

We all are just beginning 

to wake up, to find ourselves

          Right Now 

        in the swirl of



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