Wednesday, August 16, 2023


     Dear All of Us, 

      Most of the

      "very" most 


aren't in boardrooms or

the corridors of government,

aren't media splashed, 

five stared military,

pulpit prominent. 

These VIP's mostly 

keep a low profile

going about 

their high calling.

There are all sorts of them

doing all sorts of good.

    They fix things

    minor to major 

    matter to spirit

    They reconcile.

    They rejuvenate.

It can be immediate 

and practical.

They fix a flat,

re-seam a pant's cuff,

refurbish tired furniture,

sew whole a hole 

in your coat,

level a door,

tighten the screw 

in your sunglasses,

adjust the chain on a kid's bike,

reorder a discorded closet.

From such simple, 

practical pursuits

their purview widens 


socially, spiritually, 

materially, globally

       They are active, 

      they participate in

 the reclamation of Creation

             all of it

the redemption of the damaged

             all of it

the "re"- "pair" of the split

             all of it

          tiny to vast.

These VIP's bring together

the broken, the separated.

They refresh, renew, reconnect.

          They save.

They are part and parcel of 

       God's Salvation

That runs from 

rebuilding an engine

to counseling a reconciliation,

to getting someone 

    who is off the rails

    back on tract,

to negotiating fair trade practices,

to detoxing polluted air, water, soil,

to advancing racial harmony,

to facilitating spiritual renewal,

even assembling a kid's kite.

In one way to many these are 

    Repairers of the Breach

  "You'll use the old rubble 

   of past lives to build anew, 

   rebuild the foundations 

   from out of your past. 

   You'll be known as 

   those who can fix anything, 

   restore old ruins, 

   rebuild and renovate, 

   make the community 

   livable again." 

        Isaiah 58:12

       The Message

They make actual and present

the reclaiming work of Jesus

   "For the Son of Man 

    has come 

    to seek and save 

    that which is lost." 

    Luke 19:10 

They live a lead up to 

the promised and ultimate


 "I heard a voice 

  thunder from the Throne:

 'Look! Look! God has moved 

  into the neighborhood, 

  making his home 

  with men and women! 

  They're his people, 

  he's their God. 

  He'll wipe away

  every tear from their eyes. 

  Death is gone for good 

  - tears gone, crying gone. 

  The Enthroned continued, 

  'Look! I'm making everything new."

         Revelation 21: 3-4

             The Message

While the media maddens, 

the extremists drive divisions,

politicians pander to power,

unhinged capitalism grabs

from the many for the few,

religious leaders dither,

these everyday VIP's

save from waste,

reclaim, reconnect 

everything from

sewing a sweater 

rather than throwing it 

into a landfill, 

putting together 

a food pantry 

for the needy,

not giving up on 

the church crank,

considering adoption 

of a foster child, 

being readers for a

children's literacy program,

driving the elderly 

to the supermarket,

connecting with 

separated brethren,

having away from home 

college kids over for dinner,

clearing inner-city lots

and growing community gardens,

gathering groups to live out 

a liberation theology.

They reclaim, they fix, 

they refresh, they renew,

in tandem with God's 

Recreation and Redemption.

They're easy to spot.

Just look in the mirror.

You really make a


 lot of difference.

You sure are a Godly



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           Love to all,

           John Frank