Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Dear All of Us,

So, how is it waking up?

Are we clear and 

cleared for take off?


are we hanging out

in the hanger -

flight delayed?

Waking up, taking off,

are more than 

morning matters.

There're what matters 

in all of life.

Are we socked in sleep

or wide-eyed awake?

Are we grounded or in flight?

Are we zonked or zooming?

Just how conscious are we,

conscious of call,

aware, awake to life?

To push the metaphor,

our flight has been called.

Are we on board?

Are we earth bound or 

Cleared For Takeoff?

Some folks 

assume they're

"Go get'em" awake"

fully conscious,

in full flight

when in truth they are 

drugged unconscious,


sleep stalled still 

by frenetic activity and

compulsive acquisition -

   - surface speed -

   a skimming stop.

Some of them even 

buzz around at church.

One way and many, 

the saints and mystics 

all focus on just that:




        to what 


         as is

     right here

     right now

a "presence-ing" of God - 

every speck of matter, 

every pulse of energy,

every activity, 

every encounter

   all that is is 


in the particular 

     of this.


   Jacob awakened 

   out of his sleep,

   and he said,

   "Surely the Lord 

   is in this place and 

   I didn't know it.

    Genesis 28;18 


God is the basis, 

the basic energy

the basic Being,

The All of all that is.


    Be up and awake 

    to what God is doing.

      Romans 13:13

       The Message

Our spiritual life 

is being awake 

and mixing it up 

with God present

in the right in front of us,

the all around us.

There and from there we

take off for the heights,

mystical Oneness.

We slow, awaken 

to sense God in: 

         a song

         an inspiration

         a peanut butter sandwich

         a shower

         a flower

         a tool

         a garment

         a bus ride

         a computer

         a novel

         a painting

         a garden patch

         a mountain range

         a bed

         a ball game

         a shrine

         a laboratory

         a slum

         a homeless person

         a grocery store

         a spiritual community

         a work place

         a marginalized person

         a bodily function

         a social justice/environmental effort

         a physics class

         a loved one

         a not so loved one

         a library

         a worship experience

         a beer with friends

         a class of wine 

            (if one's an uptown sort)

          and multiples of many such

          everybody, everywhere,


That's the contemplative life.

Notice, focus, right where 

we are and let God Good

take it from there.

Just be awake to it,

Cleared for Takeoff.

              Love has come 

              to rule and transform.

              Stay awake, my heart, 

              stay awake.               


OK, so what about the stinkers in our life,

the ugly, the uncouth, the mean and nasty,

the hurtful, like abusers, war mongers,

the violent be it physical, social, psychic?

What about gun massacres, 

corporate and political raid and rape?

What about the Xi's and Putin's 

around the globe

dominating and destructing?

What about a Ukrainian family 

in the middle of an aerial attack?

What about news media that makes

the Yellow Journalism of yore

read like a Sunday School text?

What about the politicos 

and pretend patriots 

subverting clean elections?

What about an 

ex president creating 

the chaos needed for a

possible fascist take over,

ranting about The Big Lie 

while creating, embodying 

and articulating

the actual one -

flipping the facts 

to fool and foul the public?  

There are horribly many people

and projects that twist and abuse

the energy, the goodness of God

in hideous forms and actions.

That's what evil is.

It's God Good made God Awful

by people, not by God.


for all the hardship of it,

we need to connect with 

the God at the center 

of all that,

God Good so abuse,

and then work for reclamation, 

restoration of right.

That's what 

     Love your enemies, 

     do good to those 

     who persecute you

is all about. 

Look at Jesus, 

     Father forgive them 

     for they know not 

     what they do

Jesus suffered through evil

with divine love,

brought real, right, 

God Good to it,

overcame it, 

transformed it,

rose above it and free.

Now it's our turn 


      IN JESUS 



Our spiritual life out here 

on the streets of how it is

awakens us to God Good

as the basis, the bedrock,

the actuality and energy, the 


underneath and through all,

present in all.

God is not just out there.

God is here.

God showed up 

way before we got here.

The here and now are 

the portals to 

limitless life and Goodness.

In and through their immediacy

we experience and 

are transported upward into 

the mystical, the Total Good 

           - God -

So, holding a beautiful baby or

dealing with white supremacists,

we are in the presence of God

if we awake clear to it.

Sometimes easy and pleasant.

Sometimes painful and hard.

It's always place and point of


        "Good Morning.

  Please fasten your seatbelts.



            Let's go!

With all of us all the way,

           John Frank


For those who need 

to move along, thanks 

for your good company. 

See you next week!,

If you wish to focus

a bit more on awakening 

to the immediacy of God,

hopefully what follows 

will be prompts 

for reflection and prayer

over the next while.


The people of Thailand 

have a marvelous mantra:

       Life is short. 

       Slow down.

The faster we go 

the more we miss.

We slow 

to notice,

to absorb,

to be absorbed,

to sense,

to connect,

to embrace,

to be embraced


   All Good





the people,

the places,

the happenings of

creation aborning

all about.

We awake to sore.

So much of our spiritual lives

are simply a matter of accepting

the gift to be conscious of

         GOD GOOD

Soul Siblings

now speak us slowed

to see and sense.

To hear them,

we find a still place 

outside and inside us.

We gentle in.

We breath deeply

in body,

in spirit.

No rush.

Pause to sense

and ponder.

We let the 

wisdom shared

say itself,


levels and tones 

  of meaning.

We calmly bring that 

to the practicalities

  of our living.

We cloth insight 

with practice. 


       SOUL SAYS

What is this precious love 

and laughter building 

in our hearts? 

It is the glorious sound 

of a soul waking up. 


Sleeper, awake! 

Rise from the dead,

and Christ will shine 

      on you.

 Ephesians 5:14

To be awake 

is to be alive. 


Once you are alive 

it's hard to go 

back to sleep. 


Our truest life is 

when we are 

in dreams awake. 

 Leslie A. Fiedler

   Awake, arise, 

       or be 

   forever fallen.

   John Milton

Be up and awake 

to what God is doing.

  Romans 13:12

   The Message

Spiritual awakening 

is awakening from 

the dream of thought.

    Eckhart Tolle

Those who are awake 

live in a state of 

constant amazement.

   Jack Kornfield

The best dreams happen 

when you are awake.


Spiritual awakening 

is becoming awake 

to the aliveness 

of this moment. 

  Tolle Eckhart

You sleep to see 

your dreams.

I stay awake 

to live mine.

Asha Sangwan

   A Reflection Prayer

It does not have to be


Right Now.

One step upon 

the Sky's soft skirt

Would be enough.

Hafiz, Awake awhile

Just one True moment 

       of Love

Will last for days.

Rest all your 

elaborate plans and tactics

for knowing Him,

For they are all just  

frozen spring buds


So far from 

Summer's Divine Gold.  

Awake, my dear.

Be kind to 

your sleeping heart.

Take it out into 

the vast fields of Light

And let it breath.


"Love, Give me back 

     my wings,

      Lift me,

 Lift me nearer."

 Say to the sun 

 and the moon,

Say to our dear Friend, 

"I will take You up now, 


On that wonderful Dance 

    You promised!"



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