Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Dear All of Us,

This is going to be

like trying to sell 

shoes to a cobbler,

parsnips to a farmer.

  "Enough already!"

   "Who needs it!"

    "No thanks!"


Trusting your trust

and largeness of spirit

gives me the whatever

to give it a go.

That will actually be a

stop and stay.

So, let's check out

the spirituality of 


Not exactly 

people pleaser

at first flash.

Yet it is so central

to a genuine spirituality.

We miss it to our soul's loss.

It's where we are most and 

where God is most and 

we can overlook both and 

our union in the blitz of

restless seeking

for more and better,

for ever greater spiritual pop.

In more than many ways 

our hyped-up, super stimulated,

restless, 24/7,


dreadfully distracted

throbbing, loud, 

fast paced, super-sized,

high speed, digital dashing,

Facebook flipping, 

frenetic lifestyles,

are attempts to escape

anything a hundred miles 

from the border of

     HO HUM,

holy or any other wise.

We get going so fast 

we see and sense 

little located 

so wondrously 

in the land of


 the ordinary

 the everyday

We skim the surface  

and miss the substance.

We've been talked into an

"always faster/fuller" everything -

Instagram and 

Insta - everything else,

pushing ahead and beyond 

for what's in fact

already right where we are.

Yet we're not there long enough 

to mellow and mature 

in the mystery in our midst.

We miss the goal for the chase.

Our addiction to 

speed seeking distractions,

highs holy or otherwise, 

is a narcotic that numbs us 

to our here and now,

to our habitat of meaning,

nurture, depth and expansion.

The door to the Ultimate

opens in the immediate.

We notice, sense, see

and experience God

present in all that is,

truly it is

   The Presence of God.

        We notice 

      Open Souled

  and with all five senses,

   intellect and intuition,

every gift, grace and talent.

         We notice 

where and how we are 

how it is here - the

people, place, plants, 

activity, beauty, 

sounds and sights - 

the panorama 

of here and now,

the ground of actuality.

Our day-to-day world 

is a Universe Sacred.

The secret is to sink deep 

into the immediacies of work,

routine, relationships, reflections, 

to feel the textures of time,

see gently deep,

hear the full range,

slowly savor the tastes,

be surprised by 

the extraordinary tucked into 

a pastrami sandwich,

a nod and smile on the street,

a hymn at church,

a new responsibility at work,

a Ken Burns documentary,

a hot shower,

a people watching on the beach,

a Summer Garden,

a computer connecting wide and far,

a problem solved,

an injustice righted.

  We slow to full.

Work, family, friends,

spiritual community, 

recreation, shopping,

recycling, driving, 

napping, listening to music,

reading, writing a friend,

coaching kids, paying bills,

visiting, going to the doctor,

mowing the lawn, 

doing the dishes -

more, indeed all,

are the places, the ways,

to start heavenward

and its joy.

Hafiz unfolds the wonders of 

       HOLY HO HUM

the joy of the day's dance:


    Created for Joy

  I sometimes forget

  that I was created for Joy.

  My mind is too busy

  My heart is too heavy

  for me to remember

  that I have been

  called to dance

  the Sacred dance of life.

 I was created to smile

 To Love

 To be lifted up

 And to lift others up.

         O Sacred One

         Untangle my feet

         from all that ensnares.

         Free my soul. 

         That we might


         and that our dancing

         might be contagious.


  All that in the land of


A God-Good place to be 

and to here together.

       John Frank


It's a wonder gift to have visitors 

join in with us. This past week  

there was a significant number

from the USA new to 

our gathering here in

       The Spirit 


   each and all to

        frankly speaking

   spirituality for the street


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    Thanks again for

    the good company.

   See you next week


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