Wednesday, June 22, 2022


 Dear All of us,

Depending what time it is 

where we are just now, 

let's have a cup of coffee 

or a glass of wine together 

and do some God Talk - 

mellow musing.

Now, none do God Talk 

better than Jewish rabbis.

We do well to hear them, 

learn from them,

God Talk like them.

With scripture, spirituality, 

theology, nature,

religious/ascetical practice, 

all God Talk is uttered 

wonderfully wide:

        "It can means this, 

         but then on the other hand 

         it can mean that,

         and yet again it could mean

         quite other."

They honor that God is too vast 

to exhaust, even approximate,

in our understandings or words.

God Talk for them is 

a definitely limited, 

human expression about 

what the ancient Israelites 

referenced as

  The Utterly Other One.

God Talk at best is a glimpse

of one leaf in an endless forest.

In the Jewish tradition 

God Talk bespeaks 

their lived experience

of God's dealing with them.

It does not try 

to "grasp" God.

God Talk tells of 

living God's lead,

or failing to.

We do well to be very Jewish

in our efforts at God Talk.

To do that well we need also

to carefully note our context.

We think and talk in terms of 

a western culture.

As westerners we are 

cursed by blessing.

We are blessed with marvels 

of science, communications

technology, manufacturing

ever multiplying and tripping 

all over each other.

We are cursed and captive, 

though, to intellectual arrogance.

That endangers our God Talk. 

We westerners assume we can 

figure and fix existence.

In reality we can learn and modify 

to a limited, a very limited, extent.

That conditions, fudges, our God Talk.

We're like the child at the seashore 

working to fill their hole in the sand 

with the ocean.

Given that folly, we attempt 

to parse, analyze, dissect God.

It throws us into 

an idolatry of definition,

one that misstates God and

misguides our spiritual lives.

Valid, enlightening, inviting, 

clarifying, encouraging 

       God Talk

    flows from the



of Jesus and the Father, 

of Jesus and us.

It tells of experiencing God

as revealed and shared by Jesus.

   "The Father and I are one...

    the Father is in Me and 

    I am in the Father."

       John 10:30&38

  "Whoever looks at me 

   is looking in fact, at 

   the One who sent me...

   What the Father told me 

   I tell you."

        John 12:45&50

         The Message


When we look at what Jesus does 

and listen to what Jesus says, well,

now we're really talking God.

Jesus embodies, personifies, 

       bespeaks God 

in a thoroughly human way.

He says God.

He acts God.

He shows God.

He reveals God.

He shares God.

He gives us what 

God wants us 

to have about God.

It is not at all exhaustive.

Way better, it's invitational,

a vigorous welcome to

an inexhaustive love affair -



It reveals God's love 

for us and all creation.

Jesus invites us into 

       living God.

   "I am the way, 

    the truth and the life. 

    No one comes

    to the Father 

    except through me."

        John 14:6

Slow, receptive reflection 

on the Gospels reveals 

the words and way of Jesus.

They talk God for us.

Jesus is God's Lexicon.

May he be the source book 

for our God Talk.

After all, Jesus is

The Word of God.

All this flips the enterprise.

         God Talk 

         is good.

     Jesus Listening 

        is divine.

Thanks for the chance 

to mellow muse together.

        John Frank


Regularly and happily 

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Good talking God together..

    See you next week 



So lets have a refill

and be like the rabbis 

as we God Talk -

all God Talk is uttered

wonderfully wide.

Jesus is The Word of God

we hear, speak and live.


In some ways our God talk actually limits God , our relationahip.

Need to be careful here.